Goals & Resolutions Going Forward

I love moving forward. Improving myself and my life. Last year I did some important “me” things. I lost 15 pounds on the every other day diet. It was hard but worth it, because I love my new weight. This year, I am going to focus on “streamlining” my life. Bringing it into harmony. Learning what looks good on me, color-wise, and what colors will make my house feel like “me.” Learning to organize my time better, and break large tasks into smaller ones so I don’t binge-do-things and exhaust myself (my usual problem, I never know when to stop). Just… how to find balance.

I went through a Color Me Beautiful book and found my colors (which colors suit my natural coloring and will make me appear healthy and not pale), but was stymied when I tried to figure out my personal style until I looked at the pattern of my life, what I am drawn to, what I like, my home, my essence.

I’m drawn to minimalist approaches with dramatic flourishes. A mild color palate with a pop of drama, like the pastel watercolor of Audrey Hepburn in my room. Her black hair stands out vivid on my pale blue walls. I love it. I have no other art in that room. She is enough. When I switch on my gorgeous blue-hued tea lights strung over the bed frame in the evening, I feel calm. Peaceful. At home. And a little bit dramatic.

As a child, my favorite dress was black and white. I wore it until I outgrew it, and then felt sad. That dress was perfect. Unfortunately, I know now black and white wash me out. I’m a Soft Summer, I need blue-based colors and can never wear black next to my face without looking pale. But it showed me something about my personal style: I like to be subtly dramatic.

That drama reflects in my house, in the choice of art I have. It’s simplistic but dramatic. So, my resolution for this year (different from my “goals”) is to figure out how to dress in a classic-dramatic style. Simple, elegant, with flashes of drama. For dress-up and casual wear. To find the right colors and only purchase the ones that make me look and feel great. It feels a little daunting, but also a little exciting, to have a PURPOSE to my shopping and not just an aimlessness. (I am frugal and the thought of no longer buying things that don’t look good on me or I wear once and give away is an added bonus.)

(The actual watercolor I have in my room.)

Beyond that, some of my personal goals for this year are:

Publish my next novel. I’m aiming for May, which seems doable. The King’s Players involves a castle on a cliff, a shipwreck, a missing girl, and a traveling theatrical troupe. I have a fourth book I can either work on for the winter, or write a fifth to go in-between.

Re-design my living room. I’m bored. Time for a change. I may start with the color on the walls. A new color and a new piece of art ought to fix the problem.

Add a small front porch onto my home. The front door opening into the living room means tracking in dirt all the time. An enclosed mini-porch will give me space to store hats, coats, and boots. I’ll include a window where the cats can watch the sun rise.

Marie Kondo my websites and my computer. If you have never heard of Marie Kondo, she has a wonderful book on how to de-clutter and tidy your space, and an adorable “Tidying with Marie Kondo” show on Netflix. I want to put all my intellectual property into one space, de-clutter, and organize it. Having it tidy will give me peace of mind.

I hope 2019 treats you well, my friends.

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  1. Charity,

    Happy New Year! Good luck with all your resolutions and goals! It sounds like you will have fun and like the changes that you make. I’m not sure I’ve heard of the Color Me Beautiful book, but it sounds interesting. I will look it up. I haven’t really done that for my clothes, but I like the idea.

  2. I adore your wall art. ❤ Audrey Hepburn is basically the Essence of All That Is Lovely, isn't she?

    Color Me Beautiful! My mom had a copy of that book when I was a little girl; I was FASCINATED by it and basically memorized all the information. Not the style stuff, that part went right over my head; but the colors? Absolutely. I still have it all stored in my head, believe it or not. 😉 When you said you were a Soft Summer, I immediately went, “yep, that’s you.”

    I’ve made pretty much the same resolution about clothing: if I don’t LOVE it enough to want to wear it ALL the time, I won’t buy it. Amazing, how drastically that cuts your options; but the end result is better, I think.

    You have noooooooooooooooooo idea how stoked I am for The King’s Players. I love seaside cliffs, I love the ocean, I love shipwrecks. Just, everything. 😀 😀

    1. Yeah, she is. I spent hours and hours going through various pieces of art until I found that. And I had to have it. I kept it in my “maybe” folder and searched to find something better… and there wasn’t anything. So I ordered her. And the frame I had to order for her was so huge, my dad could barely fit it in his car when he went to pick it up. Oops.

      Which are you, from the Color Me Beautiful book? Light Summer, I would assume? Because I had a heck of a time choosing between Soft and Light Summer for myself. And the online information was not much help, either. (How blue am I?! Or am I a little ‘warm’?) But yes, now just to find decent colors that I like, since I’m not fond of half the color palate. Not dramatic enough for my taste, I guess. So it’ll be a challenge to figure it out.

      I figure the only way I can decide to buy something or not, if it’s in my color scheme, is to ask myself if I’d pay twice the asking price for it. If the answer is no, leave it on the rack.

      Aww, that’s lovely to hear, since there’s so much (like 5 months) ahead of me in terms of editing it. I have a solid novel, but it still needs a lot of work. But as soon as my paying job is over for the week, I’ll launch it it and see what I can get done this week. 😉

      1. It’s an excellent choice, despite being too big to fit in the car. 😉

        I’m actually a Spring! Good gosh, I wish I could remember which kind–but yep, definitely a Spring. I’m very, very “yellow,” as opposed to blue. I have peachy skin and gold-green eyes and my hair, while brown, has a ton of yellow in it too.

        I love wearing golden yellow and light olive green and lake blue and bright navy. I can also wear certain shades of purple as long as it’s “yellow” enough and not too dark.

        You go, girl! I’ll be cheering you on!

        1. Really! I guess I haven’t had a great look at your hair color in the photos you have sent me — it’s usually pulled back. But I envy you the ability to wear those vibrant colors. I’m getting stuck with mostly pastels. SIGH.

          1. okay now we need to get together irl to watch Harry Potter movies AND compare hair/skin color–’tis imperative 😉

            *sighs with you* What’s your favorite pastel? Do you have a favorite?

          2. I have a blunt brother, who listens to everything I say. Last night I turned up to dinner in a pink shirt. He gave me a droll look and said, “That’s not a good color on you.” Gee thanks, bud. LOL

  3. The Devil Wears Prada! I was just thinking of that film! hehehe

    I think the reason people have trouble finding a personal style is because it’s a mix of what we like or want, and what we ARE. Making it a bit like the struggle people have with choosing say, their ideal job–or accurate MBTI type 😉 It’s a matter of knowing your outer strengths just like your inner ones.

    Objectively speaking, you are skinny/curvy, or tall/short, naturally blonde or dark complexioned, you can’t do much to change these things anymore than you can the core of your personality! (OK, I mean, people can try, but that’s another matter for another day…)

    Wow, that artwork of Audrey Hepburn is GORGEOUS!

    Both your goals and resolutions for this year are fantastic, practical, fun, and very you. 😉 Never heard of anyone applying the KonMari method to their digital life, but the idea’s a good one! Especially when “virtual clutter” can be almost as bad as the real thing, and even harder to keep track of! I wish you the best of luck in accomplishing everything. And I’m sure your cats will love the new porch you’re building for them!

    1. I think about it often, because it’s bloody fantastic and I need to watch it at least twice a year. And considering that trailer was awful, the fact that I went to see it at all (and it’s one of my favorite films) is a miracle. Ha, ha.

      You are correct. Working with MBTI and Enneagram has made it glaringly apparent to me the disconnect between reality and truth that most people have. They want to be this, they see themselves as this, but they are actually that. I was describing Enneagram to a group of ladies the other day and helping them find their type, and it was rather funny to me, to watch a 6-fixer (not core, she’s a 1) adamantly deny that she’s afraid. Every woman at that table knows she’s a 6 fixer. It’s inescapable. But she’s not ready to face the truth yet, so I let it go.

      Most people want to be something they are not; learning to accept yourself, and dress for your body type is very hard for most people. It’s ultimately satisfying because you feel more “you” but… having to give up a look that isn’t yours? Hard. But there’s also a fact in that people do not feel as comfortable unless they are being true to themselves. Like the girl in “What a Girl Wants.” She wore classic outfits for her dad, but it made her miserable. Because she’s not a classic. She’s a casual, a bohemian, a free spirit. She felt as awkward in those suit coats as a classic would in casual clothes.

      And really, you can carry it over to everything in life — you will never feel right, unless you write what you are meant to write, and not what you think will sell. You will never feel right with your personality type unless you can stop pretending. You will never feel right, until you can admit to your Enneagram type — its flaws and its weaknesses. Once you find those things, and actually accept them, it’s almost like you can breathe for the first time. Or at least, it was that way for me.

      Thank you! I have some work and personal goals too, but those are private. And… I like to keep my computer organized, but I have woefully neglected my writing folders. They overflow with stuff I no longer need / bad writing / discarded ideas. I do not need that. Nor do I need a lot of digital files now that I’ve stopped vidding, for the most part. Clean it up. Organize it. Breathe easier.

  4. Ohh, I’m a Summer too! And I’ve been tempted by Marie Kondo’s show on Netflix but have yet to dive in and actually watch it. Now I just might …

    I hope you achieve all of your goals this year! All the best!

    1. You should watch at least one episode, just to see how adorable she is in person (and tiny!). And I FINALLY learned to fold watching her. 😉

      Thank you, and to you as well!

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