Wanted! Early Readers! The Tudor Throne 2: The Welsh Gambit

I’m looking for early readers for my new novel, The Welsh Gambit, book 2 in my Tudor Throne series. (I already have one here, and she had fun so maybe you will too! 😉

This novel continues and deepens the stories of Margaret Pole, Lady Anwen, and Lady Anne Tyrell from the first novel, as well as introduces the local healer, Winifred, and the Duke of Buckingham, who may have chosen the wrong time to pad his personal army… just as Sir Thomas Lovell, the king’s ruthless enforcer, arrives. There’s a win-or-die joust, Lord Meuric’s truly heinous local overseer, and a relic peddler hell-bound on causing trouble… and that’s before it escalates into treason and murder!

In exchange for a book review on your blog and/or Goodreads, I’ll offer you the book for free in .mobi format. (If you want a PDF instead, let me know.) Amazon is removing reviews that mention a trade for a review (ugh) so I can’t make that part of the deal, but I do appreciate honest reviews wherever you can leave them.

The book comes out Sept. 7th. I’d like the reviews by then or within a few days. It’s about 94,000 words. Rated 16+ for violence and adult conversations / references, but there’s nothing explicit. (A character suffers from PTSD, and talks about how she thought someone was going to sexually assault her, but he never did.)

Please let me know if you’d like to read & review! Either e-mail me (femnista at charitysplace.com) or leave a comment here with a working e-mail address. Thanks!

Back Cover:

Lady Anwen cannot forget, nor her brother forgive.

Since she killed Lord Meuric’s son in self-defense on a lonely Welsh road, and spent several months imprisoned and mistreated in his castle, Anwen has fought her nightmares. Alone and unable to bear a man’s touch, she unites with a local ‘witch’ to learn how to heal.

As Edward Stafford, the Duke of Buckingham, prepares for the autumn joust, he fears escalating tension between the locals and Lord Meuric’s brutal overseer, Beynon. His mood worsens when Sir Thomas Lovell, the king’s ruthless enforcer, arrives unannounced in search of a traitor.

As thousands flock to the tourney, death, superstition, denial, and treason come to a brutal conflict, as a child searches the castle for the bones of a lost maiden and uncovers a terrible secret…

7 thoughts on “Wanted! Early Readers! The Tudor Throne 2: The Welsh Gambit

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  1. Ahh so I would totally be interested, but sadly would be unable to review book two by September 7th due to time constraints and not having read book one. (Just discovered you through Rachel!)

    Hope all goes well and loved the review you linked too! 🙂

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