Anne (2017)

I’m glad the Canadians get it first, since it’s their story (America gets it May 12 on Netflix), but… I think my little ole heart just broke into a thousand butterflies of sheer delight. I love the original 80’s films, but I’m so excited for a new adaptation I can hardly stand it.

I got a bit soppy watching it, and then my mom said, “Aww, it makes me want to cry,” and around a giant lump in my throat, mist in my eyes, I said, with all eloquence, “Yup.”

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    1. Latest fan review off tumblr: “Anne is the extended edition of the story you never knew you needed until now.”

      It goes off book, but thus far everyone loves it. 😉

  1. Beautiful, isn’t it? 🙂 New adaptations always excite me, because I love seeing what a fresh interpretation can do for an old story. I try hard to be sympathetic to my friends who are like, “no, no, the old one is perfect, who needs something new??”; but I definitely struggle with that, because my first reaction is always “BECAUSE NEW IS EXCITING! BE HAPPY!”


    1. Nothing is ever perfect. I love the older adaptation very much, but was never entirely sold on some of the casting. I look forward to seeing what the new actors do with it. I like new adaptations provided they are respectful to the spirit of the source material; this one seems to be. 🙂

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