Time. We watch it slip away, complain there’s never enough of it. We blink… and a moment, a day, a decade, is gone. And we can never get it back.

Young Jake (Asa Butterfield) never ponders the nuances of lost time. He has no interest in such things. He works a dull but ordinary job at a supermarket, and visits his beloved grandfather (Terence Stamp), who suffers from dementia. Jake fails to realize time is precious… until he finds Grandfather, after a frightened phone call for help, in a patch of misty moonlight, devoid of his eyes. “The bird will explain everything,” Grandpa says… and dies.

Then, Jake sees something in the woods… something that cannot be there, a creature that does not exist outside his grandfather’s old stories… right?

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On a purely superficial note, I LOVED this movie. Loved. Loved. LOVED.