New Trailer


Something to tide me over until the next Star Wars movie. 😛

It’s actually exciting not knowing the entire plot in advance.

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  1. Sooooo, strange thing. I emailed you tonight and the email bounced back from your personal and femnista email addresses. I’ll send it again tomorrow, but wanted you to know I have not forgotten you. 🙂

    And how does 12 sound on Saturday?

      1. It did it again tonight, bounce back as mail delivery failure. I wrote an article for Zootopia and will try sending it again tomorrow. I completely spaced the due date, so sorry!

        1. Aww, that’s a cute idea! (I’m getting other e-mails, so I’m wondering if our mail servers hate each other.)

          My back up e-mail is speaksmyname at gmail.

      1. That’s okay–you don’t have to 🙂 I’m pretty excited because I love Felicity Jones, but obviously not everyone will feel the same way.

        1. The teaser hasn’t captured my imagination yet. Until that happens, I don’t invest in excitement for something. (To be honest, I was underwhelmed by the The Force Awakens trailers too, only to love the movie.)

          Another trailer I’m excited about, that got my interest up right away — is “Doctor Strange.” My Ne is trippin’.

          1. You know, that’s a lot better than being overwhelmed by the trailer, only to be UNDERwhelmed by the movie–which sometimes happens, too.

            I saw that one, too!! My Ne-dom brother LOVED it, whereas I . . . was intrigued, certainly, but also somewhat confused by all the alternate-reality-ness. l can deal with alternate realities, sure, but not with three or more alternate realities at one time. It gives me a headache.

            Maybe I’ll understand it better after talking with my brother 🙂

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