I meant to do this sooner, but my life got crazy last week. Better late than never, right?

It was suggested to me that I foster discussion among my writers (and readers too, if any care to participate in Intelligent Discussions or General Silliness or Brain Fart Absurdities). Thus, all contributors (and fans, and general audiences, and green aliens, and purple sloths) are welcome to contribute to the comments of this post and interact. (Perish the thought!)

This Month’s Discussion Question: “What’s something neat you came across in your writing or research this month that you didn’t use?

Mine: sluffing aside CTM, which stands on its own two feet, my article about becoming like the God you serve stemmed from multiple theological discussions over breakfast with the parents, as well as having spent the last nine months studying Medieval Religious History. By choice. For fun. Insanity runs in my family (it practically gallops!). And background information for a novel, but that’s beside the point. I thought about carrying the idea further, and then decided no… that’s far enough. For now. I do think, however, there is some truth in it. The “something neat” I came across in my research would fill several term papers. I’ll spare you. I’ll throw out this instead — you have not laughed until you’ve read Thomas More, Erasmus, and Martin Luther bickering.

If you want to share thoughts on your article, or comment on someone else’s, please speak up. Engage. Make friends, even. That’s the Stuff of Life.