What’s Happening?

I have neglected this blog of late. I’m sorry, but I’m also not. I’m busy.

The last eight months have been spent reworking one of my earlier manuscripts, which required more historical research on the side. I can never stop at knowing “a little” and so I have been knee-deep in books on the Tudor period, ranging from explorations of Middle Ages Catholicism to biographies on the lesser known figures at court during the period. I tend to read ahead and read as I write both which meant I had little time or interest in anything else. Christmas arrived and with it, the end of my first draft… and it was all wrong. The book felt wrong. It felt condensed and too small. The world was little.

So I started over. I decided to expand the narrative to multiple POV chapters (all in third person) and immerse the reader in the political, romantic, and social upheaval surrounding Katharine of Aragon’s marriage to Arthur Tudor. This put an explosion of possibilities at my fingertips and made it a much more expansive project that is both exciting and a little overwhelming. I’m holding onto a half dozen plot threads at once and winding them together, and my only fear is that it will turn out too long (I am nothing if not wordy) and need massive editing when I am done. Oh, well. That is part of the process. The true challenge is taking an enormous world and reducing it to a straightforward narrative where you do not lose track of characters. But that is also part of the fun! By the end of this book, you will know of Thomas More, Margaret Beaufort, Katharine, Arthur, Prince “Harry,” and their parents. You will feel sorry for Lady Margaret Pole, be fond of Maria Estrella de Salinas, and know some history you might not have otherwise. That is my hope, and my prayer.

I do not intend to release this book through indie publishing; there is nothing quite like it on the general market, so I will make my best attempt to get it published elsewhere… it and the seven other books that may sprawl out of it, continuing history on and giving you a broad grasp of these people’s lives as they entwine and separate. This may disappoint some of you, since I know you like my speculative fiction novels. I have many books in my head, waiting for me to write them. And I do intend to do a Watching The Hobbit with God book. That is my intention for later this spring or summer, once this momentous project is finished. But right now this is what I am working on. It’s my passion… hence, my silence on the blog. What is in my head is more fun.

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  1. Wishing you all the best with your writing projects and plans for publication Charity! It’s always such a wonder how researching on one topic can lead you to other topics and interests and just deeper into the initial topic you were looking into 🙂

  2. This: I can never stop at knowing “a little” sounds so much like me. When I’m writing something historical-ish, I either have to do ALL the research I can possibly imagine needing before I start writing, or do none and write the piece first, then go back and do ALL the research I can possibly find to do and fix stuff in the rewrites. Oh, I want to write a book with a secondary character who’s a US Marshal? I’ll just buy three books about the history of US Marshals, then, and three about the history of Montana too, and see where it goes from there…

    Anyway, hey, blogging is what I do when I need to get words out of my system, but I can’t write. I’m blogging a ton right now because I’m editing, not writing new stuff. When I’m in the midst of a writing project, I don’t blog much. It happens!

    1. I tend to write and research simultaneously so I don’t lose interest. That naturally means a lot of revision if I find out something later in a different volume that contradicts my fill-in… but I can’t stand waiting years to start writing until I have it all together. 😛

  3. Wishing you all the best with this novel, Charity. I do hope you find the right home for it and finish the story so that it suits what you want it to be. Happy writing – and researching!

  4. Good luck! I love Katharine of Aragon and Thomas More, so I think a story in which they are both characters sounds wonderful 🙂

      1. I don’t know anything bad about Elizabeth of York, but Henry VII . . . *shudders* (I’m a Richard III partisan, in case you can’t tell, haha.)

        1. I don’t see any reason why you can’t love opposing historical figures simultaneously.

          I like Richard too. I just also happen to like Henry VII. Incredibly intelligent, calculating man.

          1. Because my Ni says I have to pick ONE 😉

            No, in all seriousness, that does tend to be how I approach historical situations like that–even though I may be able to see merit on both sides, I feel like I MUST pick which one I like better, because I can’t just like them both equally. They are “contradictory concepts” (to me anyhow).

          2. You make Henry sad. =P

            I usually start from that position, of loving a particular figure… and then read more about the other people, and find myself growing fond of them, and it kind of expands into a global “I have to do everyone justice” approach to writing, which is nice because everyone’s favorite historical figures get fair representation but then there are no villains. 😛

          3. Awwwww . . . But, y’see, Henry makes Richard sad, and I love Richard . . . soooooooooo yeah. 😉

            But yes. I think that your approach definitely makes for a good historical novel, because then your readers get a balanced picture of everybody and they can decide for themselves which side (if any) to be on.

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