Christmas Updates

The older I get the faster time goes. It’s an old cliche but in my case it’s true. I have no idea where 2015 went other than that I kept busy.

I finished my first draft of my latest work in progress a week ago, and have started the editing process. That is always difficult but exciting — because on one hand, tightening plot is fun and on the other, there are inevitable days of me thinking I’m a rubbish writer and should find a different hobby! But I’m doubling down on it and managed to shave off 40k words in condensing the first two chapters, so this speaks well for the ongoing process.

I seem to be a writer who writes tight plots if I have a foreknown word count; my fantasy novels all kick in at about 80k words, but when I write straight up historical fiction I get long-winded. You would think having a timeline to go off of would help keep me on track, but no… so I must pull out all the weeds and cast aside all the rabbit trails. I’m not going to focus too hard on it at present, though, because … it is the holidays after all.

This music video came together rather on its own, with clips from The Tudors and The White Queen. If I do not find it in me to update again before Christmas, let it be my gift to you.

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  1. This is fantastic, love it, so eerie and haunting, never gets repetitive, I could watch/listen to it again and again.

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