Femnista: November / December 2015



In this issue: texts from the 1500s, Raphael, Mary I, Ever After, Elizabeth I, Michelangelo, Katharine von Bora, William Shakespeare, The Art & Religion of the Middle Ages.

Next issue: Classic Hollywood (Jan/Feb 2016). See upcoming issues. Interested in participating? Let me know.

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6 thoughts on “Femnista: November / December 2015

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  1. I really, really loved the two articles you wrote–especially the one about Mary Tudor. She is such a misjudged and misrepresented historical character–and she had such a terribly sad life. Same for her mother, Katherine of Aragon.

  2. Great issue and great article on “Ever After.” I’ve adored that movie since I was in elementary school, and it helped me through some tough times in high school. Drew’s strong version of Cinderella gave me strength through adversity.

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