Femnista: Halloween 2015

femnistasmallerIn This Issue:  Maleficent, The Witch (Into the Woods), Gertrude (Hamlet), Morgana (Merlin), Asaj Ventress (Star Wars), Hexenbiests (Grimm), Lady Macbeth (Macbeth), Catherine de’ Medeci (La Reine Margot), The Wicked Witch of the West (Oz), Ungit (Till We Have Faces).

Read online or download.

You can read past issues at Charity’s Place.

CURRENTLY TAKING REQUESTS FOR NEXT YEAR’S TOPICS:  if you have a suggested topic, please leave a comment here or e-mail me at the Femnista e-mail address.

As always, a lot of work goes into each issue and since we don’t have a huge marketing platform, every little bit helps… so if you enjoy our publication, please reblog, share on your blogs, recommend to family and friends, etc. I’m always looking for new writers, so now would be a great time to get involved!

Happy Halloween!

7 thoughts on “Femnista: Halloween 2015

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  1. Yes I can’t wait to read this tonight with a smoothie by my side!

    I hope you keep Femnista going for years to come, Charity. I have tried various literary magazines like The New Yorker, Paris Review, Glimmer Train, Harpers, mcsweeney’s, etc. I could never really get into them.

    If you actually charged for Femnista, I’d be willing to pay although I’m thankful you don’t charge. =)

  2. Looks like an epic issue! I meant to seeing about contributing something to this, but well, time got away and seeing as I like lots of time to work something out, I knew it’d be best to sit it out. 🙂 Wishing you all the best with 2016’s themes! Looking forward to reading what they are.

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