How are all of you?

My blog has been neglected of late. I haven’t been sure what to do with it, since other things have taken precedence in my life. I may revive it in the coming months to reflect my stronger, present interests, but in the meantime I’m busy with Real Life. I do, however, want to leave a link here to a lovely little blog that has just started up, and who asked me to do an interview, primarily about writing. So please read it and give her stats a nice little hike, to encourage her on her blogging journey.

Better go format stories for our Halloween issue of Femnista… it’ll be here before you know it!

17 thoughts on “Interview

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      1. Just mailed you my preliminary version – contains all my thoughts (but some excess text to be cut).

        If you have any ideas for changes, lemme know & I can maybe incorporate them into the revised version.

  1. Hi, Charity! Just discovered Feminista yesterday… was the “October 17th deadline” meaning “before October 17” or “before or on October 17”?

    I badly want to write something on Ungit of C.S. Lewis’ “Till We Have Faces” as the ultimate female villain…
    (I’m obsessed with that book and want to do stuff to get more people to read & appreciate it..)

    1. It IS the official deadline, but if you can get it to me before the middle of this week, I can still include it! Please e-mail it to femnista at, along with a short bio / link to your blog, when it’s finished (Word document preferred). Thanks. 🙂

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