Holy Week: Music Video

Bit surprised that everything is so dead this week, blog-wise. Seems a prime time to post faith-based posts. I plan to, later in the week, when I have some free time. If you’ve posted anything of the like to your blog, please let me know! I’d love to read and comment as part of my Holy Week experience.

After the lousy Killing Jesus, I felt like revisiting one that emulated the real traits and divinity of Jesus. Out of all the many Bible-based films I have seen, I felt The Bible‘s characterization of him was the most authentic to the kind of personality Christ really was.

Music: Plumb, “I Don’t Deserve You.” She seems to be my go-to for vidding Jesus films.

Have a blessed day.

4 thoughts on “Holy Week: Music Video

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    1. Thanks.

      One thing that struck me while making it was the relationship between Peter and Jesus. I’ve never given it much thought until now… what it would be like to have a best friend, to betray them, to have them die… the tremendous guilt and shame that you would live with… and then… you miraculously get another chance. Not only is your friend alive, but he forgives you — and entrusts you with a great task, to carry the truth into the world. Talk about an incredible emotional arc, huh?

  1. Wow! Amazing video! I tend to be one of those people who rarely pays much attention to lyrics, but this video served to highlight the very fitting words so beautifully!

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