Hello, dear readers! I’m still looking for writers for upcoming issues of Femnista, including our March and April issue. The theme is “Ancient Times,” which I think is an incredible topic because it opens it up for submissions revolving around everything from Rome to Greece to Bible times. I would love more submissions! Our only claimed topics are Pompeii, Gladiator, Ben Hur, The Ninth Legion, Clash of the Titans, the Maccabees, and the Biblical figures of Esther and Ruth. There’s still room for 300, Spartacus, Troy, Noah, Exodus, The Passion of the Christ, The Bible miniseries, and a host of historical figure / mythology-based / Bible-related articles. (I’d like to see some material that isn’t based on films, but has a more serious tone, if that’s your writing cup of tea.)

To sign up, e-mail me at femnista at charitysplace dot com or drop me a note here so I can get you on the list. Thanks!

Reminders will be sent out March 1, 2015. All articles are due on March 17, 2015.