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This issue centers around Early America, the American Revolution, and the Georgian period. It includes everything from Sir Percy to John Rolfe. As always, it’s yours free to download and read or to read online! Please, if you enjoy the magazine, direct your friends to it and promote it where you can!

Charity’s Place has been renovated, and I’ve put up a couple of new reviews: Call the Midwife Season 3 (I am now officially an addict) and the new adaptation of Jamaica Inn.


My latest book is now for sale — The Giftsnatcher. It’s available on Amazon in paperback or Kindle form, as well as through Smashwords in different e-reader formats. All of my previous books are also now available through Smashwords. I’ve also updated my account there with an author interview.

The Giftsnatcher, Back of the Book:

The ad in the newspaper says Alana is a witch.

She isn’t. She is something far more important… a Giftsnatcher, able to discern, identify, and steal the spiritual gifts of others. For years, she and her older sister have made a living selling them to paying clients. But when Lord Tremain wants her to bestow a particularly powerful gift on his grandson, for the first time in her life, Alana can’t. It doesn’t work.

Her quest to find a stronger gift, one able to penetrate Edgar’s broken defenses, leads her into the social circle of Dr. Joseph Bell, a leading Edinburgh physician whose true profession comes to light as dark forces close in around them. Her stable, predictable life is turned upside-down when an unseen nemesis lures her into a series of macabre events that force her to confront her fundamental beliefs about the nature of good and evil.

Illusions, family curses, blood magic, and the Ripper killings unfold in a chilling tale of magic, murder, and mayhem as Alana unravels the truth not only about Edgar, but also herself.

I need reviewers for it, both on Goodreads and Amazon, so if you’re interested let me know; I’m happy to send a free e-copy in exchange for a review. If you simply enjoy supporting my creative endeavors and intend to buy the book regardless, I appreciate you leaving a review, too.

This book rather wrote itself. I knew the twist toward the end going in, and that it would tie in the Ripper murders, but the rest unfurled with each passing week. I intended to use Dr. Joseph Bell from the start. He’s fascinating man, and was a fun character to write – a no-nonsense but very compassionate figure, devout in his faith and as remarkable for his observational skills as for his hidden talents. I can’t seem to escape tackling controversial topics — here, the idea of family curses, although it’s changed from a more tangible and realistic curse (such as alcoholism) into a fantastical idea.

Alana was a throwaway character in “The Secret in Belfast,” important for only a few chapters, to establish the Conclave and Richard’s role as their Influencer. But as I wrote those few pages about a remarkable woman with the incredible ability to “punish” those who use their gifts for evil, I knew she needed a novel and an entire back story of her own. Here, she has it, from the darkness in herself to her first meeting with Richard… although only observant readers will pick up on it.

The decision to bring in Alistair and Henoria, from “Thornewicke,” was made for two reasons: I couldn’t find a place for them in “The Secret in Belfast,” however much I wanted to, and my readers asked me to delve further into their marriage. Here, we have them a genuine couple for the first time, and find out a few more surprising secrets and nuances of the relationship between Guardians and Defenders.

In my usual tongue in cheek way, I’ve slipped in literary nods to some of my favorite books and films, and made hints toward characters and places that will be important in future books… which may just be set in a time period much further back than 1888 England. But then, that’s part of the fun of being a writer. Hopefully, it’s fun for you, as my reader, too.

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  1. Yay Femnista!

    You’re on fire with all the publishing lately; can’t wait to check The Giftsnatcher out! Since some of the characters overlap, would this one be considered a sequal to The Secret of Belfast and/or Thornwicke? Do you have a recommended order to read them in?

    (As you seem to have already noticed,) I’ve tagged you in the Bucket List Tag that’s been going around lately. I can’t seem to recall your participating in blog tags before, but if you’re up for it, feel free to join in! =)

    1. Yes, but reading order doesn’t really matter. It’s sort of a series that spans all kinds of different time periods. Though, these events take place after Thornewicke and before Belfast. 🙂

      Yes, I did see that! I’ll have to give my answers some thought. 🙂

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