I’ve always been excited about sharing my speculative fiction novels with all of you, but now I’m really excited. I’m on the final proofing and revision stages of another book, this one involving Jack the Ripper, a family curse, and the man who inspired Sherlock Holmes. It’s all Victorian Edinburgh and London, dripping with fog, diabolical villains, dark magic, and … well, a tiny bit of symbolism. Because I just can’t help myself.

Thing is, I’m a writer who wants people to read and buy her books and I can’t do that without reviews and people knowing about my books. Since I am not a major publishing house who can afford to send out hundreds of paperbacks to bloggers all over the world and spend thousands of dollars in marketing campaigns, I’m left to do all my marketing on my own. And frankly, that’s not something I love doing. I love writing. I love spending time with all the many wonderful characters that populate my stories. That is way more fun than self-promotion, which makes me feel deeply uncomfortable. I don’t like to impose myself on anyone, which means I’m a lousy salesman. I feel self-conscious in drawing attention to myself or my accomplishments. I hate asking my blogger friends to promote me, and I haven’t the faintest idea about how one goes about organizing a “blog tour.”

So, I propose a method that benefits everyone: I’m willing to send out free e-copies of my books (you can either have them in PDF or Kindle format*) in exchange for:

+ A review on and/or Goodreads (the former is preferable, the latter is appreciated).

+ A review on your blog (if you have one; if not, a review on Amazon is great).

If you enjoy the book** and leave me an honest review, send me a link to it! One review is a trade for another free book! Keep doing it and you’ll be reading my fantasy series indefinitely, free of charge, with new titles in your hot little e-reader hands a month before anyone else gets to read it! Oh, and please spread the word about this, because the more Christian fantasy fans, the merrier!

My fictional books are a blend of history and magic, revolving around the idea of expanded spiritual gifts. With them come certain spiritual responsibilities. They contain elements of faith but aren’t preachy. And although you can read them in any order, because it’s the theme that weaves it into a series rather than the characters, they will build on one another as a whole. You will get to know characters gradually in different books, as they turn up, allowing you to see them at different stages of their life. (Alistair of Thornewicke plays a rather important role in The Giftsnatcher, who is a minor character in The Secret in Belfast! But whether I go on to flesh out the origin story of the Conclave as hinted at in my last book in my next novel, or if I take a sharp right turn into an assassin’s school has yet to be determined.) In short, I have a lot of ideas. And there will be many, many more books.

Here are the current titles I have available.

If you would like to sign up, leave me a note here on the blog (make sure you sign in with your correct e-mail address so I can contact you) or send me an e-mail at with your name, your book of choice, your blog address (if you have one) and your preferred format. If you have already purchased any of my books and reviewed them, send me the link to your review and the next title out of my collection that you would like to read. If you’ve purchased my book but haven’t reviewed it… you know how to take advantage of this offer!

Please spread the word to your fantasy and speculative fiction friends. I hope you’ll take me up on this… and you’ll enjoy the world I’ve created.

* After July, I’ll have distribution through Smashwords and my books will be available in other formats (Nook, ePub, etc). Foolishly, I enrolled in the KDP program, which means I can’t distribute to other retailers and online formats until after the exclusivity period is up (for Belfast, that’s only another two weeks; for the rest, they’re all up in July).

** Let’s face it, if you hate my book, you won’t want to read another one. =P