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I like it when Bible-based movies come out. It gets people talking about ancient history. (If you ever need someone to spew a bunch of random historical facts at you, ask me. I’m happy to do it.)

Since Son of God is doing quite well in theaters, I’ve decided to offer I, Claudia FREE all week on Kindle! It’s the story of Pontius Pilate and his wife. It follows their lives from her youth in Rome to the aftermath of the Messiah’s crucifixion. I did a lot of research and many of the significant things that take place are based on historical facts (Pilate’s relationship with Herod, his rebuilding of the aqueducts to Jerusalem, the emblems entering Jerusalem, even his reason for returning to Rome). It has political intrigue, miracles, demons and soothsayers, and, of course, the Messiah…


This week, download I, Claudia, for free.

(Promotion Ends 3/15/13.)

12 thoughts on “FREE Kindle Book

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  1. Yaaaaay! OK so I have a copy, but I can now tell everyone I know to go forth and procure a free copy!

    Have you thought of having a special “FREE KINDLE” banner for these sort of promotions in the future?

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