“Oh, dear, oh, dear.”

Gabriel looks up from his scroll. He unfurls magnificent wings, made purely of light. “What’s wrong now, Mizelle?”

The angel turns worried eyes upon him. “They did it again!”

“Who did what?”

Mizelle scampers across the golden street, his wings casting a shadow. He tugs slightly on his tunic. “They made another Bible-based movie!”

Gabriel’s dark brows go up. “So?”

“So?! They took liberties! They put stuff in there that never happened! They left out stuff that did!” Mizelle huffs slightly and leans closer, his voice darkening with concern. “I’m not even sure the producers are saved! I don’t know if their names are in the Book! Michael won’t let me look!”

Distant singing fills the air, along with the occasional lion’s roar. Gabriel rolls up his scroll. “What does their salvation have to do with it?”

Mizelle gapes at him and nearly drops his armload of scrolls. “B-But, it’s important, isn’t it?”

Tilting his head, Gabriel asks, “Is it?”

“B-But the message…”

“Is the most important thing, isn’t it? Not the presentation? Not the packaging?” Gabriel puts his arm around Mizelle, a good head shorter than he is. Archangels have certain privileges. “You’ve been here throughout history, right? How many times has God used Christians to carry out His will?”

Frowning slightly, Mizelle answers, “Many times.”

They cross the street, to let a stout former British writer and his immense golden lion pass through a gate to knock upon the door of another former British writer with a sturdy clump of Halfling’s Leaf growing on his front step.

Gabriel smiles in passing and asks, “And how many times has he used unbelievers to share the Truth?”

Mizelle rubs the back of his head. “Many, many times.”

“How did the Reformation get to England?”

They turn the corner in the mighty golden city and suddenly are in the midst of a field of flowing grain where giant butterfly’s wings shimmer like diamonds.

Mizelle answers, “Henry VIII!”

“His name, as I recall,” Gabriel says with a discreet cough, “was not in the Book of Life.”

No … and he didn’t even believe it, either! He just said he did so he could get a divorce!”

Gabriel turns to look down at him. “Interesting, isn’t it? He wasn’t saved, but still changed the world.”

Long grass tickles their legs. Mizelle’s face brightens. “Aha!”

They smile at one another and Gabriel adds, “I’m off to consult with Michael on affairs of heavenly state. I presume God is on schedule?”

Mizelle nods. “Yes. He does so love creating new souls. He takes such care with each of them, whether or not their names will ever wind up in the Book. He pointed to one this morning and said, ‘He will cure cancer.’ I’m quite excited about him! Oh, and then there was the writer! Another great writer! No one will think much of her in her time on earth, but He told me, ‘She’ll write something important’!”

Stretching out his glorious wings against the clouds, Gabriel says, “Maybe even a movie based on the Bible!” and winking, soars away into the sky.