secret in belfast

Today is the day! My Speculative Fiction novel about the RMS Titanic is now available! It blends magic with historical events and characters, revolving around the greatest non-wartime disaster in history. If you enjoyed Thornewicke, you’ll be delighted to revisit shared characters (and meet some making appearances in The Giftsnatcher, out this summer) — but it’s also a stand-alone.

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Back Cover:

The city of Belfast in 1911 bustles with activity. The RMS Olympic is about to set out on her first sea voyage, and the RMS Titanic is sliding off her dry dock into the channel for the first time.

However, Lord Pirrie and Thomas Andrews have other things on their mind… a robbery without anything missing, a mysterious child with a sadistic gift, and a secret hidden for decades threatens to overshadow the success of the shipyard. And when a dockside accident amid the roar of the watching crowd reveals a greater threat among the workers of Harland & Wolff, they have no choice but to rely on an old friend for assistance.

Richard Pierce falls into an unimaginable world of spiritual intrigue and ghosts from the past that may force him to bring his own secrets to light, as he haunts the shipyard in search of answers, confronts the demons of his past, and faces an eventual journey across the icy North Atlantic.

Historical Characters:

Thomas Andrews, Helen Andrews, Lord Pirrie, Bruce Ismay, Margaret Brown, John Jacob Astor, Charles Lightoller, Captain Rostron, Officer Murdoch, Captain Smith, Harry Harland.

Author Notes:

I’ve been obsessed with the RMS Titanic since childhood. I’m not sure what initially caused me to discover the tragic circumstances surrounding the greatest non-wartime maritime disaster in history, but at thirteen years old, I was knee-deep in everything I could get my hands on about the ship, its passengers, and the aftermath.

At fifteen, I wrote a book about the tragedy, an espionage novel that then sat on a shelf for fifteen years while I wrote other things. But I never quite forgot Richard Pierce, nor his trip across the Atlantic, and when at last I found an idea worth pursuing, I brought him out, dusted him off, and inserted him into a new adventure – of magic, faith, spirituality, and tragedy.

Soon, other historical characters evolved and took shape in my mind – the courageous and faithful John Harper stole away my heart, the fiery suffragist Margaret Brown (NOT “Molly”) developed unique abilities, and my beloved Thomas Andrews bid his farewell to the world in a truly heroic way. I’ve woven into these pages just enough truth to support the fiction; many of the details of the ship, her construction, and her passengers are correct, along with the various personalities that go along with them. It’s only the magic that isn’t.

Or maybe it is. You never know what secrets history hides.