I am the kind of person who…

Adopts a nasty cat, because even the nasty cats deserve kindness.

Is the first one to read a friend’s self-published book, even if I’m in the middle of a Pratchett novel.

Leaves the comfort of a car on a windy day to pet a dog, because I want him to feel loved.

Doesn’t make promises easily, because I intend to keep them all.

Is easily distracted, but has life-long love affairs with certain things.

Sucks you in with my serious demeanor, only to turn into a funny, mischievous troublemaker.

Would rather read an immoral story that makes me think, than a moral one that doesn’t.

Can recite entire sections from my favorite movie, but haven’t the faintest idea what I had for dinner last night.

Constantly asks why, but accepts what I cannot change.

Doesn’t pray a lot, but talks to God with every line in every book I write.

I’m Charity.

Who are you?