MBTI Typing Fictional Characters

MBTI Typing Fictional Characters

I get a LOT of searches on this blog for the MBTI type of various fictional characters. This tumblr is where I store all that information — browsing the archives or by personality type will probably locate the character you’re searching for. I also take requests, but I have a pretty big backlog at this point so if I’m not familiar with the character, it will take awhile to fill the request.

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  1. You should probably know that ever since I discovered your blog (both this and Funky MBTI Fiction on tumblr), I’ve become very interested in Myers-Briggs, personality types, and psychology as a whole. Pastime geek project? Maybe. But it’s something that has proven to “useful” when it comes to understanding/analyzing characters and even real people. I always tell my siblings “look what Charity did to me!” 😉

    I’ll probably send in some character requests in the future, but for now I’m satisfied with just frequenting that site. And thank you for all the effort you’ve put into it!

    1. It may be a geek project — but it’s enormously helpful in real life. If you know what a person’s type is, then you can get along with them better since you’ll know what it is about them that conflicts with your own personality.

      Thank you for your appreciation and encouragement! It’s a fun but challenging pastime… particularly when you find characters that fit more than one type!

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