No Titanic Blood & Steel, Season 2

titanic blood and steel

I’ve had about one search a week for the last year and a half on whether or not this will have a second season, so let me put the searcher out of their misery:

Sadly, there will not be a second season to this twelve-part miniseries. It was announced earlier this year on the film’s official Facebook page and all the cast members have moved on to other projects. I’m not sure whether or not there was ever any intention of following up, or if it was meant to be an enigmatic conclusion.

I’m both relieved and sad, because it’s such a shame the series won’t continue on to cover the disaster and the aftermath, which few works centered around the Titanic bother to do. I would have enjoyed seeing the ever-magnificent Derek Jacobi continue his role as Lord Pirrie in dealing with the fall-out, inquiries, and upheaval. But on the other hand…

Had the series continued, we would have seen most of the main characters die. Mark is part of the Guarantee Group, none of which survive. Sofia, Violetta, Michael, and the baby are in Third Class, which lessens their odds of survival significantly. Best case scenario – all the female characters live, all the male characters die. Worst case – everyone except Kitty and Joanna die.

So, sad as it may be, consider it a blessing. This way, you get to imagine a happier ending to their story.

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  1. We can read about what happened next in the history books and newspapers from that era, although some were fictional characters they relate to actual people in a sense …research it peeps ! Great acting, great series !

  2. It would be very interesting to see what happened after the disaster. The main characters ofcourse not survived but those who lived and returned to London, what happened during the inquiries, the trial, that I wish I could see. It´s a pity!

    1. I know. I’m still a bit peeved about it, since there’s SO MUCH they could have done with the story; but when you spend a lot of money on a miniseries and then don’t promote it at all, how do you expect to get big ratings for it? 😛

  3. I just recently watched this series quite by accident, (July 5, 2016). I was totally ignorant of its existence until now. My DVR recorded all 12 series somehow without my dfirection, but I was spellbound by it. I watched the 12 episodes over a period of 3 days. I came across this discussion as I was frantically searching for the next episode that followed after the 12th in the series. I feel as if I was taken on a glorious voyage but left at a place from whence I can never return. I feel a great sense of loss at not being able to watch the further unfurling of the incidents involving the disaster of the Titanic and the affect it had on society, media, the families, Belfast residents, the US, J P Morgan’s etc. I feel like a person must feel who is on a high from a drug only to find that their supply has forever vanished and can never be retrieved. I guess I will have to settle for viewing the episodes again. Ahhh alas it seems all good things must come to an end, I ask though why this good thing???? It is so disheartening

    1. I just went through the same feelings as you have.Being a mechanic and business owner I was always fascinated with Titanic especially its building.This show gave you a behind the scenes look at its building and all the politics and human tragedy and triumph that was involved but I never had given any of it a thought.All the back stories were interesting heartwarming and gut wrenching.The actors were fantastic and im not ashamed to say I cried my eyes out when Sofia hugs her Papa goodbye forever.What a show !

    1. In Romania this serial was presetated only now on may 2015 on Procinema . I think that the film was not about the Titanic . I think that the main problem in the film whre about G.B ant Irleand and Belfast . Unfortunetly most of the pasagers died so that from this point of view , the movie is creapy , because all dies . But a very good filim , very good . (Sorry for my english)

    1. It’s LIKELY they would have all died, but not a certainty — Mark was in first class along with Thomas Andrews and the rest of the guarantee group, as was the actress and the journalist.

  4. I wish they would continue into a 2nd season.This movie kept me captivated.With so much trash on the TV there are very few movies worthy watching several times(I watched it 3 times).

    1. I’ve only just watched Series 1. I searched frantically for Series 2 and when I found there were no other episodes made, I felt disappointed and cheated. Yes we know that very few if any steerage passengers survived , and we all know what happened when The Titanic went down, but they still could have made a captivating second series. Great poetic license was taken on making the blockbuster starring Kate Winslett, so why not in making a series series of this interpretation ? I’m with you Helena. I wish they would make a second series too.

  5. I just finished this series and loved it. I also had the same thoughts as many and wondered if it did continue and who would live. I cringed as i realized Mark was on the ship and also when sofia’s dad bought her the ticket to go to america on the titanic. The idea he could potentially lose both his daughters and grandchild is mind blowing. I really wanted to see the aftermath and like you said in your post see them talk about what other shows have not. This was a truly great post and a truly great show and I am very sad its over.

  6. well, it doesn’t surprise me that they are not going to have a season 2 of this lovely series. We seem to have reached a place in American television of the lowest possible depths. Unless things address Kim kardashian’s shoe collection or some ridiculous city of housewives, they won’t produce it. After The Borgias were not continued, I totally gave up.

  7. Just finished watching and I do hope they’d consider a follow up as I’m curious in Kitty and Johanna’s futures. Johannas’ brother and the spy work for the germans. The espionage side was so Fascinating. Watching the politics build for World war 1. MMMM. LOVED this show for covering everything. Day to day existance, verses work, politics, love and war! THIS WAS AN EPIC. AND it saddens me to not see more.

    1. Unfortunately, since the cast has moved on to new things, I doubt we will ever see a second season. I would have enjoyed another twelve hours, particularly with Thomas Andrews and Lord Pirie. No one ever covers the aftermath of the ship sinking. They should! It’s just as interesting as the things leading up to the launch.

    2. It leaves me very sad to know there is no season two. This mini series was one of the best I have ever watched.

  8. I would of liked to see the titanic sink and the drama with the characters. But I do agree that a second season would be unecessery

  9. It was an amazing series… I agree a season 2 would have been entirely different since most of the characters were killed off but I would have loved to see it continue. The production, sets, and acting was wonderful.

    1. Hey, watch your mouth, there. That’s why we have such rotten entertainment on TV, everyone has forgotten how to be decent and to speak as well.

      1. We have rotten entertainment on television because television is out of touch with its core audience, who watch it regardless of offensive content, so why SHOULD they clean up their act?

  10. Great show . It needed a second series to show the sinking.didn’t need to go into much detail just enought that you new what was happening. Liked how it did some irish history and how people had there differences. Loved it.

    1. I also loved the Irish history, even if it was somewhat rearranged as to when things actually happened — many of the strikes were over by the time TITANIC was being built, but it was pretty cool regardless! 🙂

  11. It was a fantastic series. I agree — better to imagine a happier ending to the characters. The odds for all the characters were not good; even in the best of circumstances (which none of them were), 30% is pretty grim. Thanks for breaking the news here. I’m bummed that it’s over.

    1. I’m sad there won’t be a second season as well — I would have liked to see the aftermath of the disaster and how Lord Pirrie dealt with it. Plus, this Thomas Andrews was just amazing — I wanted to see his full range. But oh well. I can always go back and rewatch the first season again. 🙂

  12. I would have so enjoy season 2. I think you get a better understanding of what the people went thru

    watching it on TV. It’s as if you are part of it. Maybe in the future there will be a 2nd season.

    1. I really enjoyed the first season. I wish they would do a follow up, but since all the cast have moved on to other projects, I doubt they’ll revisit it in the future.

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