titanic blood and steel

I’ve had about one search a week for the last year and a half on whether or not this will have a second season, so let me put the searcher out of their misery:

Sadly, there will not be a second season to this twelve-part miniseries. It was announced earlier this year on the film’s official Facebook page and all the cast members have moved on to other projects. I’m not sure whether or not there was ever any intention of following up, or if it was meant to be an enigmatic conclusion.

I’m both relieved and sad, because it’s such a shame the series won’t continue on to cover the disaster and the aftermath, which few works centered around the Titanic bother to do. I would have enjoyed seeing the ever-magnificent Derek Jacobi continue his role as Lord Pirrie in dealing with the fall-out, inquiries, and upheaval. But on the other hand…

Had the series continued, we would have seen most of the main characters die. Mark is part of the Guarantee Group, none of which survive. Sofia, Violetta, Michael, and the baby are in Third Class, which lessens their odds of survival significantly. Best case scenario – all the female characters live, all the male characters die. Worst case – everyone except Kitty and Joanna die.

So, sad as it may be, consider it a blessing. This way, you get to imagine a happier ending to their story.