Embarking on a New Adventure


Some of you were enterprising enough to figure out my book was up for sale a week early! But for the rest of you, here’s the official launch. (Book links are at the end of the post.)

Thornewicke is Speculative Fiction with a Christian slant. I originally read Libba Bray’s series and thought, “Why is it all the secular readers get to have so much fun?” But I also was disappointed in some of the secular viewpoints and occultic influences in the books, which in large part is why I don’t recommend a lot of speculative fiction to my readers. Much of the time, secular books cross over from magic into satanic themes.

My idea was to introduce magic into Christian Fiction, through a premise that magic is tied in to Biblical principles and Spiritual Gifts. Often, the talents these characters have are extensions of our responsibilities as Believers… in the case of Thornewicke, a young woman chosen as a Guardian against evil in a very specific way and place. There are two kinds of magic in this book – the magic that comes from the Creator in her role as a Guardian, and sorcery used by the forces of evil.

This is the first in a series of books set in different time periods, with different historical backdrops and characters, revolving around Spiritual Gifts. There will be occasional cross-overs but each book will stand alone, united only through its theme of spirituality and the fantastical. As the series progresses, you will meet Influencers, Seers, Prophets, Discerners, Peacemakers, Healers, Sirens, and many others. There are layers of religious symbolism for the reader who chooses to search for it; none of it was intended but God has a way of poking His nose into my business and forcing me, through my own writing, to confront the things I struggle with as a believer. The books, I hope, are never overtly preachy but they are distinctly Christian, in many instances with pastors in the top tier of characters.

Is this a strange choice, after I, Claudia? Not at all. She was a Dream Seer, after all. I’m having so much fun writing these books… and I hope you will come along for the ride.

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PLEASE review the book when you’ve read it. This is not an appeal for flattery, in fact there’s a good chance I may never even read the review. It’s because books with at least 12 reviews get a higher ranking with the Amazon search engine. Thank you!

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    1. … wait, am I speaking to Ella? As in, ELLA-Ella? You mean you weren’t abducted by aliens?! *GASPS AND TACKLES YOU* MIIINE!

      … hope you enjoy this one as well. 😉

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