New Hobbit Trailer


And wow, Benedict wasn’t kidding about tearing up his voice as Smaug.

14 thoughts on “New Hobbit Trailer

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  1. I have a terrible feeling that as much as I want to hate the fact that they added a red headed elf girl, I will like her so much I won’t be able to. 😄

  2. Heck yes… love of Benedict is happy right now!!

    Seriously, his voice and then Richard Armitage’s voice…..Sigh. Why can’t all men have these voices?

  3. Forced elf-romances aside, I just want to see our Hobbit dealing with Large Unsightly Beasties: the spiders, the bear-man, and of course the dragon (who sounds like the offspring of Cumberbumpkin and a Balrog made of crushed velvet. Oh yes). I salute you Mister Freeman, you do it and you do it well.

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