Femnista Sept / Oct 2013: Literary Villains


Since the 1st of October is in the middle of the week and some of you may have classes and school, I decided to release it early!

Read or or download our current issue, featuring various infamous and unforgettable LITERARY VILLAINS.


2014: Unrequited Love    A Nation at War     Faith & Villainy     The Colonial Period     Underrated Tales     Monsters & Madness     Common Blood

I’d LOVE to see some articles next year that aren’t movie-book based, particularly for some of the historical themes. Feel free to write about actual events and people or anything else that fits and strikes your fancy.

Have a wonderful weekend, dear readers!

10 thoughts on “Femnista Sept / Oct 2013: Literary Villains

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        1. It’s true that such a topic COULD be fun, Christy (certainly it’d be a challenge and that’s always good) but in all honesty, I’m with Charity – I’m not sure that writing about something we don’t like would go well. Or that is what I’m thinking. But then, everyone has a different “style” in their writing and perhaps everyone else could write an awesome article on subjects they don’t like. Not sure anything I’d attempt would go much beyond, “I detest this character/movie/story!” 😉

          …and Charity, reading a piece you’d write on the RDJ/Guy Ritchie Sherlock movies? That’d be cool! 😉

          1. It’s a purely Thinker’s exercise — forcing writers to see both sides of the coin rather than simply what they don’t like about something. Problem is, sometimes our dislike for something can totally overrule any positive qualities we may see in it.

            Something nice about the Guy Richie movies: they mostly got Watson right. Holmes… not so much. But see? Even that’s negative! 😉

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