Femnista: Tell Us What You Want

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Okay, readers! Give me suggestions as to what themes you’d like to see Femnista tackle in 2014!

Is there something you’ve been dying to see, but we haven’t covered yet?


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  1. How about an issue featuring just plays? (Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde, Anton Chekhov, Sophocles, etc.) Okay, it just slipped my mind that Lady Nefertankh did suggest this but I like the suggestion, there’s a lot of great plays out there :))

    Maybe thematically there could be an issue on British lit or French lit or American classic lit or so-and-so lit (classics, adaptations–I could probably go on and on with the Russian and maybe even Italian classic lit but anyways xP)…the sky’s the limit if you go that route, there’s a lot to choose from.

    I also second the suggestion of going by era or decade, as it was already with the issues focusing on 1930s/WW2 and the Edwardian era. Going by era and by country could also work, I think (i.e. Italy during the Renaissance or England during the Tudor period, etc.)

    I also like the suggestion of a “spy” issue as there’s a lot of books and movies and tv shows out there on it (plus, I enjoy the genre, lol)

    I’ve had this draft sitting on my blog that I’ve been meaning to finish a list of things that make me happy…so maybe a “happy” issue where we can write about books/tv shows/movies that makes us happy/perks us up no matter what? 🙂

    1. Thanks for your suggestions! I’ll toss them around with the other suggestions and see what we can come up with. I actually thought about doing Russian Literature until I realized there are only about two people who write for Femnista who actually READ Russian literature (including me!)! Heh!

  2. Hmm…I think maybe you did something like this the year before last, but maybe something patriotic for July/August, something both Thanksgiving and Christmas themed for November/December. I like the idea above of highlighting books (and maybe TV/movies?) that are little known or underrated. Maybe something about History vs Hollywood when it comes to the accuracy of a lot of films? Last year you did a 1930s/WWII issue, but what about the 1920s?

    While a bit modern for my taste, some people might like a “Mad Men” era issue, highlighting the changes from the 1950s-60s, both a wholesome and haunting era, with technicolor musicals, and “I Love Lucy” coexisting with the atomic scare and McCarthyism, then the rise of feminism, Civil Rights, hippies, Vietnam and anti-war movements permanently changing America for both better and worse? (An advantage though would be that most of us have Baby Boomer parents or relatives, so some of us could get first hand info on the era?)

    Maybe an issue on comedy, musicals–or successful film adaptations of plays? (Though I don’t know if doing it by “genre” might not be too broad) A lot of people might enjoy a Civil War issue, though I don’t know if that’s a bit overdone. Personally I’d love an issue on America’s colonial period. The Revolution, French and Indian war, Salem witch trials etc; (unless that would go into a patriotic issue, as part of a general celebration of American heritage?)

    Love the idea of a science fiction issue as another suggested, maybe one devoted completely to sci-fi this time, with a separate issue for fantasy?

    Maybe even a * gasp * political issue, although not so much about political views, but more about the theme of campaigns, the quest for power, backstabbing, the rare leader who rises above the fray to do the right thing. Depictions of both fictional and real political leaders? It needn’t be focused on the US either (So technically both say, “The West Wing” and “Ghandi” would qualify? Just an example)

    Another theme could be…law? Courtroom dramas, trial of the century, “The Good Wife”, “Law & Order” etc; Spying could be a good theme too–even though I remember an article on “Covert Affairs” in the last issue. But there’s still “Alias” and tons of other films and franchises, along with some amazing real life stories! Maybe a parent-child theme for Mother or Father’s Day in May & June? Given that you did an issue on “Wild Animals and Perilous Places”, maybe some would enjoy an issue on the bond between people and their (domestic) pets?

    It just hit me–especially after reading “Claudia”–a good theme for an Easter issue could be the art, films and traditions inspired by the ultimate sacrifice on the very first Easter.

    You don’t have to use any of these ideas obviously, but if just a few helped, I’ll be quite glad 😉

    1. Ooh, I love all these!! You often have such in-depth things to say that I always enjoy reading your comments (even if I rarely reply to them).

    2. I love a lot of your ideas! I would like to second mostly: Underrated/Little known books/movies/tv, a parent-child themed issue and an animal themed issue.

      Another idea I thought of is Royalty (books/movies about kings and queens from all eras)

    3. I have to open up a word document whenever I answer you, since I can’t keep scrolling up and down. 😀

      Many of your ideas sound good – I did think about doing a Civil War one for March/April since April 11th is the anniversary of Lincoln’s assassination, so we may just have to do that. Something Colonial / Patriotic would be good for midsummer as well.

      Musicals… we are doing this December!

      I’ll keep the rest of the ideas in mind. 🙂

      1. That’s true! I’d forgotten that. How about maybe books that your writers love that they feel either most other people don’t know about or that get very little love?

        1. That’s an interesting idea! 🙂 I also thought about asking people to pick something they HATE and write a positive article about the GOOD things in it… but most people might find that impossible! Heh.

          1. No, I like that idea! It’ll stretch us as writers to actually find good aspects in works we otherwise look at with disdain. Even in the worst writing, there’s usually something that can be pointed at as good.

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