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Let me help you out here: many villains are NOT INTJs!

How will you know if one IS an INTJ?

A well-calculated, completely rational plan from a mind ten steps ahead of everyone else involved. (Please see: Hannibal Lecter, Benedict’s Khan, Disney’s Claude Frollo, and Smallville’s Lex Luthor.)

There. That excludes a lot of villains, doesn’t it?

Simply because a villain racks up a high body count doesn’t mean they are a Thinker villain; Thinkers villains are rational. Their objective is to accomplish something in spite of who gets hurt along the way. Feeler villains often act intentionally to hurt people along the way or out of a desire to avenge their own emotions.


The combination of NTJ is rare in villains because they not only approach their plan rationally, they also see the far-reaching consequences of it and set a plan in motion regardless. Tavington in The Patriot is not an INTJ, because he fails to see the long-term results of his immediate actions, and his motivations are based on emotions (acceptance, respect, jealousy, hatred). The NTJ villain will be focused on the task at hand and dedicated to seeing it through. He/she will consider all possible outcomes, factor in all potential problems, and THEN launch an incredible, almost foolproof plan (except for the hero-fool who screws it up somehow).

Fiction has many different kinds of villains—those motivated through emotion (Carver Doone, Darth Vader, Severus Snape, the Phantom of the Opera, Bane), those motivated by enforcing social “justice” (Inspector Javert, Ra’s al Ghul), those motivated through revenge (Sweeney Todd), those motivated  through the desire to control others (Mr. Tulkinghorn, Cal Hockley, Loki, Voldemort), those motivated through the delight of chaos (The Joker, Bellatrix Lestrange), and so forth.

The INTJ has a reputation for being the “worst villain,” but they’re just the one who has factored in all possible outcomes and come up with a plan. So no, not all villains on your television screen are INTJs. There are villains in every single type, because every single type can be twisted into something evil. “Evil” is universal, and not exclusive to the INTJ. The INTJ is simply better at almost getting away with it. 😛