Sherlock Teaser

Oh my gosh, all the BOOK FEELS. The clever hint-hint-nudge-winks for the original book fans! The shadow of Sherlock on the wall! And John has a mustache now?!


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  1. AAAAACCKKKKK!! They gave John a MUSTACHE!! Noooooooo!

    Okay, calming down, someone will shave it off. If not, I’ll reach through the screen and do it for him!

    Mycroft looks fun, as usual. I really do love him and hope they continue using him regularly. Awesome rendition of a classic character!

    1. He must shave it off at some point, since none of the promotional and candid shots of them filming has him wearing it. 😉

      Mycroft is brilliant. Finally, SOMEONE got him right…

  2. Thanks for sharing Charity! The internet will now self-destruct. Is it just me, or is Sherlock a little bloodshot?

    Do you think they’d actually do the reunion scene in a wide open, public space like a restaurant? Brings to mind this video from the set a few months back… Maybe after the reunion? Hee hee. *potential spoilers*

    John… there’s a squirrel on yer lip.

    1. I think it already did — tumblr has exploded with gif sets. Not that I mind. 😉

      Um… I doubt it, unless Sherlock shows up just as John is preparing to propose to Mary — which would be totally like Moffat’s incarnation of Sherlock. “Um… you had to show up RIGHT NOW?!”

      1. John definitely would not appreciate that. Mark Gatiss has been quoted saying that the reunion scene was going to be “electric”. Very excited to see what they have up their sleeves.

        By the way, I might be tracking old ground here, but I was wondering if you have any theories regarding the Reichenbach Fall? Just curious. :p

        1. I have two theories:

          1. Considering the little girl screamed and accused Sherlock of kidnapping her, I suspect Moriarty had a “Holmes double” (either someone who looks like him, or had plastic surgery TO look like him) — and that’s the dead body John saw on the ground.

          2. Sherlock faked his death using the rubber ball in his armpit to slow his heart rate and the cyclist stuck John with a hypodermic needle that threw off his grasp on reality.

          Either way, Moffat better have a damn good LOGICAL explanation up his sleeve.

          1. It’s Moffat–the explanation will make our neurons fuse–but it will be anything but logical.

          2. SIGH.

            I know, right?

            At least the original story made sense, as no one actually saw what happened. Staging it in a public place, in full view of John makes it harder to pull off a convincing alternative.

            So… any thoughts on the new Who? I don’t mind an “old and ugly” Doctor but considering their fan base is mostly twenty-something girls, I’m wondering if this was a bad decision on the part of Moffat and the BBC.

          3. After reading your comment I rushed to and read the news. Hmm…well I never thought Eccleston, Tennant or Smith were much to look at, though I did like the youthful enthusiasm–so I don’t know. On the other hand–maybe this will mean less romantic tension in the TARDIS which’d make a refreshing change.

          4. Sort of responding to both of you, I’m ECSTATIC that they’re trying an older Doctor. The fangirls of the younger Doctors annoy me no end, so I’m excited at the prospect of an old and crotchety Doctor well into his fifties. Only the new fans insist on Doctor Who being limited to the young and cute. I think this make fans of the classic show very, very happy!

          5. I don’t mind an older Doctor… but Moffat has really sexed up the Doctor thus far by making him really touchy-feely-kissy and that could be kind of… um… awkward with someone in his 50’s. Particularly with Clara. If he intends on dropping the Doctor’s sexuality in future seasons, I’m good with it; if not, it’s just going to be… ew.

          6. My guess is this will be a step away from putting the Doctor in a romantic role. He was never intended to be that in the beginning anyway, although fans always paired certain incarnations with certain companions. But there was never any romantic behavior so I hope this is a sign they’re moving away from that. He’s never been creepy old man so they need to be very careful to avoid turning him into that now.

          7. Davies started it — with Rose. Moffat continued it with River Song and Clara (I wonder how she’ll react when her crush regenerates into an old man?!). In a way, I can see why they did it, considering this is the anniversary year and Moffat has been talking all along about doing “throwbacks to the originals,” but at the same time… I don’t know. I don’t trust Moffat. He strikes me as a one-note writer and he’s incapable of not being sexist, so we’ll see.

          8. Well, if they turn the Doctor into a pervert that could be the death knell. Most people dislike perverted old geezers with a sex addiction. Can’t imagine why. I just miss the classic Doctor Who where the focus was never on romantic entanglements unless it was between companions. The Doctor never got involved. *le sigh*

          9. Funnily enough, I like favorite male characters NOT to have romantic interests in anyone — like Sherlock Holmes. I always pictured the 900 year old Doctor as somewhat asexual, which is why I disliked his romance with Rose so much. I also hated River Song’s relationship with him until somewhere late in the sixth season… I’m still not “on board” with that ship, but I don’t cringe now whenever I think about it. It’s fine with me if they shift away from a romantic Doctor, which I suspect they will, since River Song has (supposedly) had her last appearance.

          10. He is asexual, at least he was until Rose and Ten. I mean, the Doctor has already lived his life with a wife and children and grandchildren. He’s a really, really old man whose sex drive has long since departed. The writers conveniently forget that about him.

          11. Tennant I think was/is good looking, Smith not so much but he has this childlike innocence in his utter delight that makes him endearing. But yeah, I hope Moffat drops all the mushy stuff with the twenty-something companions now or that’ll just be… ick. I also can’t see a lot of young women buying this guy’s T-shirts, but I could be wrong.

          12. Well, frankly, most of the Doctors have been ugly. I like Matt and I find his expressions darling, but he’s not exactly a heartthrob. Still, this quite a bomb to drop on the fangirls…

          13. He reminds me of Ian Richardson a LOT, which isn’t a problem for me — I always did like Ian Richardson. But unless they tone down the Doctor kissing people, it’s gonna be creepy.

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