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    1. lol. I’m not inclined to dislike him either. =)

      I heard a rumor that, early in the casting process, they had actually been considering David Tennant for Thranduil. My guess is this was around the same time they were throwing around Toby Maguire’s name for Bilbo. Who knows if any of it is actually true. Funny nonetheless.

      1. Much as I like David Tennant, he would over-act the part. I can’t see him playing a slow-speaking, dignified character — he just looks too … well, goofy.

    2. Since his 30 seconds in the first Hobbit movie, I’ve devoted much time to wondering just what makes Lee Pace so gorgeous in this part. It must be the Elf-ness of it all, because while he’s adorable, I wouldn’t have called him particularly attractive… until now.

      1. I loved him in “The Fall.” Have you ever seen that? It’s magnificent, and he’s adorable. Would never have watched that movie and said, “Oh! Thranduil!” But that thirty seconds…erm, yes.

  1. I hope Legolas (is that Legolas?) and that red-haired elf don’t interfere too much with the plot…I’ve become resigned to the white orc villain…but any more additions might ruin the integrity of the story itself….

    1. Yes, that’s Legolas!! (I wonder, did they digitally scrub the actor? He looks… different.)

      Best be prepared: Tauriel (the redheaded elf) is a big part of the plot and has a love story, so there will be a lot of added on stuff. (Which I don’t mind… they haven’t tampered much with Bilbo’s plot so far except to make him more courageous at key moments.)

      1. Orlando DOES look different. Makes me wonder if they’ve done his make-up (or digital enhancement) in order to make him look more like Thranduil-Lee Pace-Papa Elf. His eyebrows and lashes are definitely darker, much like Thranduil’s.

        Tauriel. I’m worried too. Here’s for hoping she and Legolas really don’t get in Bilbo’s spotlight. My family is especially worried after seeing the Lego Hobbit set from the spider scene. It comes with a Legolas and a Tauriel and features them fighting the spiders off in the picture. Really? That’s one of Bilbo’s really big moments. Hopefully it’s just two extra figures they threw in to sell the set. x.x


        1. I have a bad feeling that she’s going to end up in the fridge.

          Based only on those clips, my theory is that there is a Legolas/Tauriel subplot where Legolas takes after his dad and is a bit racist towards dwarves. Tauriel is a bit more tolerant, but before their budding romance can get any further she DIES. HORRIBLY. Probably fighting to help the dwarves get away in some indirect fashion. Her last words to Leggy are something about getting his act together. So he has a little personal journey and ends up being Elf Ambassador at Rivendell and taking on Gimli as his bro. That’s my theory.

          I don’t know if I want to be wrong or not. On the one hand, women in the fridge. On the other hand, inclusive, sacrificial, kickass female role model.

          The rest of it I am SQUEALING over!!!

          1. Well, it USED to be that Tauriel would have a love story with one of the dwarves (… how does that work? is it just a crush? does he kiss her standing on a barrel?) but since they’ve expanded the films and done reshoots, who knows if that’s the plot anymore? I think the actress said her character has a sisterly relationship with Legolas but… again, who knows what’s changed since then?

            I hope she doesn’t die. Given the deaths coming up in part three, I don’t want anyone else biting the dust!

        2. Either they digitally scrubbed him to make him look more like his daddy… or to make Orlando look younger, since it HAS been a few years. Either way, sorry, Legolas… you’re not as hot as your daddy!

          I like female characters in Middle-earth so Tauriel being in this film doesn’t bother me. I’m excited to see what happens with her.

          YES, SMAUG. No voice, but… that can wait. 😉

      2. I am so excited for every single thing in this film. The much awaited barrel scene. Sherlock and Watson–I mean, Smaug and Bilbo. Mirkwood/Greenwood. The elves! From the trailer, it looks like Orlando Bloom isn’t just playing a cameo role. He might be staying throughout a great portion of the film. As for Lee Pace/Mr. I’m-More-Majestic-Than-Thorin/Thranduil, seriously, he radiates some kind of elvish energy I cannot name. And Tauriel is yet the toughest of the only four main/minor lady characters, so I’m looking forward to see what they do with her. Her rumored love story? I still can’t figure who the other half might be. And doesn’t Bard remind you of Will Turner? Now I’m going to start counting down to December.

        1. People are freaking out thinking Smaug can see Bilbo in that final scene — I’ll bet he can’t, Bilbo is wearing the Ring, and Smaug just KNOWS where he is.

          I like Legolas so… I don’t mind him sticking around for awhile. And Tauriel? LOVE HER ALREADY, but then I’ve always adored redheaded heroines.

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