Summer Semi-Hiatus!


Everyone needs a break now and again, so I’m taking a bit of a vacation from this blog for the summer. I’ll still post occasional stuff, but it won’t be once a week like I usually do. (I have a couple of “Digging Deeper” videos coming up! If you stalk my YouTube account, you may see them early!) You can also keep up with me at Imagine, where I’m a monthly contributor. (Yes, you have to register to read posts — but you won’t get spammed. My first blog post there is called “Mind Mapping a Woman of God”!)

Of course, we’ll still have Femnista releasing every other month (next time we’ll get to visit some epic friendships!) and new reviews of costume dramas going up at Charity’s Place!

Enjoy your summer! 🙂

10 thoughts on “Summer Semi-Hiatus!

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  1. * sobs * I shall miss you. But I completely know what you mean about everyone needing a vacation 😉 I really hope it proves fruitful for you * hugs *, and I can testify it really helps to replenish the creative juices!

    * hugs * I pray things go well for you, and wish you luck with your upcoming book, and the other manuscripts you’re working on as well. I rarely say this, because I am usually NOT inspired by what people say, and find it worn and cliched, but your posts have really inspired me.

    And now I hesitate to say this next part, because it might make you feel prematurely antiquated–But you’ve aided a lot of younger Christian women/girls in their teens and twenties, who wonder what their place will be in the future.

    The sad thing is a lot of Christian girls don’t have an example of a role model who’s “grown up”. Because for most, “growing up” has meant growing away from their faith. So it’s good to see someone who takes each new birthday as it comes, and views each year as another chance to discover new things about what God’s will might be. * huggles *

    Good luck, good summer, good vacation–we’ll all be waiting for you when it’s over 😉 * hugs *

    1. I do SO MUCH writing I think I’m heading for a major burn-out, so I need some time off to just focus on fiction and let my nonfiction tank fill up again.

      Thank you for being such an encouragement — it means a lot to me. I’m not sure what kind of a role-model I am, since I have NO IDEA what I want to be when I grow up! 😉

      If you ever wanna just e-mail chat about… well, anything, slam me a note at Femnista’s e-mail address and I’ll respond with my real account. 🙂

      1. Sent you an email today,via my gmail address, I hope it reached you and didn’t get misdirected into the spam folder or something! 😛

        Thanks for telling us about Imagine, it looks awesome 😀 !

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