Femnista May / June Issue


For our May / June issue, we focus on children’s literature! Meet new friends and revisit old ones in this fabulous collection of the best books aimed at kids!

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In this issue: Ballet Shoes, Black Beauty, My Father’s Dragon, Harry Potter, The Oz Books, The Secret Garden, Louisa May Alcott, Nathan T. Riggins, Anne of Green Gables, Chronicles of Narnia, The Witches, Bridge to Terebithia, Crusade in Jeans, Little Women, The Melendys, Caddie Woodlawn, Cat Royal, Boy in the Striped Pajamas

5 thoughts on “Femnista May / June Issue

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    1. I don’t mostly look for women writers, no — but I seem to wind up with a lot more of them!

      My goal for this magazine is to give writers an outlet for self-expression through popular culture, and to explore deeper issues within entertainment.

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