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It’s that time again! Submissions are poring in for our May / June issue, which revolves around children’s literature! I must say, there’s a lot of books in here I know and love, some I haven’t read since childhood, and a few I’ve never heard of but would love to read as an adult!

But it’s up to you to choose our next cover, so… pull yourself away from fangirling over Star Trek for a minute (just one minute!) and vote!

13 thoughts on “Pick Your Cover

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  1. I’m not a bit surprised that Narnia’s winning. Caitlin and I both voted for it because it really does define children’s literature. Plus, you used an awesome photo! 😉

  2. The covers are all so cute! I finally had to go with my favorite growing up which is–Narnia! So here’s another vote for their majesties! * raises goblet in a toast *

    1. I’m surprised Narnia is in the lead — I kind of thought Anne Shirley would be, but I guess Narnia is such a part of all our lives, it’s kind of a sweet homage to Lewis’ staying power!

      1. Actually, I think another factor might be Narnia’s near universal appeal. Anne of Green Gables, and Little Women are great, but they have a somewhat nostalgic feel, set as they are in late 19th/early 20th rural America/Canada. Harry Potter is awesome, but has a distinct British feel. Despite its British author, Narnia’s fantasy setting keeps it from being closely anchored to any particular time and place. Looking back, when my Mom first read it to me, I knew LWW was set during WWII, in England, but I always heard the characters speaking in my head with American accents most of the time, and the way I imagined it was a mishmash of everything from Disney movies to pre-Raphaelite paintings. Reading the comments on your previous entry, I saw you mentioned the issue of whether or not a historical fantasy could become “dated”. I think it depends on the book. But I know that with its broad appeal, and timeless, simple writing, Narnia will not be among the ranks of “dated fantasy” anytime soon.

        1. Believe it or not, there ARE some people who don’t like the Narnia books. Of course, whenever I meet them, I want to beat them up, so I try not to talk about them much. I’m delighted to see that isn’t the case with most of our readers!

  3. I just want to go ahead an reiterate what Rissi said: How on earth can we choose?? I’ll be back later when I’ve thought about it because right now I have no idea which cover I can pick.

  4. REALLY!?

    You expect us to choose between these!? Come on…

    ‘Little Women’? Love!
    ‘Narnia’? Um, brilliance!

    Wow… this is just.. tough.

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