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Right now, I’m in writing / editing mode on one of my manuscripts, which means I’m thinking about ancient Israel and Rome 24/7 and don’t have a lot of other things to talk about. This makes coming up with blog posts challenging. So… is there anything you, my audience, would like me to blog about? If so, sound off below (writing? symbolism in movies? INTJ-stuff?). Give me an idea, you might get a blog post this week. Don’t, and you probably won’t. Either way have a nice week.

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  1. * short break from hiatus *

    1. Happy (belated) 30th birthday! I know it’s daunting, but I just want you to know that reading your thoughts, and how you deal with with a lot of issues, has given hope, not to mention inspiration to a lot of young Christian girls.

    2.Um, as to a topic….how about all that is wrong with the modern man? I kidd, I kidd, but seriously, I’ve seen articiles on many christian sites lament the “state” of most of today’s young men, but they often seem to have differing complaints, or to be viewing things from a somewhat narrow perspective. Also, many seem to be written by older men, or women old enough to be the mother of a young woman seeking a husband. The perspective of a young woman, interested in marriage, but still objective, would be welcome. (That said, I will mention that I don’t quite get the complaints about the lack of “manliness”. To me it’s more morality and principles than masculinity that’s lacking, though a dearth of the latter is still appalling)

    Other topics I’m curious about would be your “take” on the different MBTI types 😛 Are INFP’s really that shy? Do ENTP’s tend to get to smart alek for their own good? Is it true we ENFJ’s are too talkative for everyone’s taste 😉 ? I also second the requests above for your thoughts on the movie ratings systems, or the relationship of INTJs vs religion. (Sadly, I think religion is seen as incompatible with anyone who has more intellectual, thoughtful, questioning leanings. But this is a problem that probably has more to do with the culture SURROUNDING religion, than religion itself)

    * resumes hiatus *

    But I would LOVE posts on what’s wrong with the emperors and most portrayals of Pilate onscreen. Can’t we hope for maybe just one little (lengthy?) post? * gets Charity’s dog to do puppy eyes on her behalf *

    1. Uh… when will your hiatus be over? I miss you and our in-depth conversations about historical stuff and writing! =P

      1. Thank you, you’re very encouraging.

      2. All that is wrong with the modern man is … he’s not Mr. Darcy. Heh, just kidding. Interesting idea for a topic, I’ll give it some thought! (Of course, I can’t just pick on the men without trashing modern girls too… most of us expect to marry Prince Charming without giving any thought at all to our own responsibilities in marriage… like learning to cook.)

      I don’t think I’m qualified enough to talk about the other types! Mostly as an INTJ, I’m completely self-absorbed and know only stuff about my own type. *snort*

      Oh, gosh… what I could say about the depictions of Pilate in literature and film! It’s interesting the different takes on him through the changing eras… the earlier film depictions always painted him as effeminate (Hollywood’s way of making deplorable people seem truly deplorable was to portray them as a closet homosexual) or a total idiot. Some authors write him like that, others don’t. More recent depictions are either overly sympathetic (as Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ was accused of doing — by blaming the Jews) or… well, perfectly on target (Pilate in the recent The Bible is absolutely perfect).

      Yeah, sorry, almost went off on a post right there! I’ll do it. 🙂

      Thanks for breaking your hiatus to comment!

    1. Thirteen years ago, I wrote a novel about the wife of Pontius Pilate. I’m revising it for release this summer via Amazon’s author program. I’m shortening it, cleaning up the writing, and changing a lot of it. 🙂

  2. If you get this in-depth into typology, I’d love to see posts about how you use your various INTJ functions. I’ve just been doing some study into the functions and have come to the conclusion that I really am an INTJ after all, but I’m so close to F and P that sometimes my functions behave like INFJ and INTP, if that makes any sense. It would be lovely to find out about them from a really strong INTJ perspective and also to find out if other INTJs look more like me than like the classic INTJ.

    1. It’s really interesting how the functions cross over into one another — sometimes, we assume we’re one type when we’re really another, with a developed sense of “the other letter” (in my case, I can be VERY ISTJ when it comes to a lot of things — very traditional in my worldview and belief system, the role of women, etc, yet not at all ISTJ when it comes to breaking rules!). I actually took a more complicated personality test the other day, really thought about all my answers, and was (I hope) far more honest with my responses. I thought, “I won’t be INTJ anymore!” … but I was! It’s just I scored “lower” on all the letters than ever before — like in the 20’s!

      (This also explains why I’m a lot less like the ultra-strong INTJs — the ones like Sherlock, who really don’t care what other people think or if their feelings are hurt; I very much care!)

      1. Oh, that’s very interesting about your ISTJ-ness. What test was it? I’m a bit sick of the ones that don’t account for variations in the expression of the functions and things. Like “Which do you think is more important, justice or mercy?” My answer is “Yes.” I like the ones where you can express preferences along a continuum, rather than either-or. And I’d like one that would test the percentages. But I suppose you probably have to pay for those ones.

  3. I like seeing a new blog from you appear on my dashboard whenever you write something new, Charity. 🙂 If you are too busy editing/writing/revising, then we are glad for you and happy you are making such progress on a novel. If you have time, then just keep doing what you’re doing. Anything you write is excellent reading!

        1. You’re cute. 😀

          Be glad I restrain myself, or you’d be getting posts on the emperors, what’s wrong with most major depictions of Pilate on screen, and general ancient world randomness every other day. I’ve learned to curb my enthusiasm… er… or maybe just repress it, but so far it hasn’t helped me multi-task, writing-wise! 😉

          1. I think in some ways we all “repress” or restrain ourselves. There are certain things or fandoms we are passionate about but it feels as if no one else cares your opinion of (because they don’t share that in common), and we wonder if it really matters. Some fandoms are meant to be ours alone I suppose – it’s a learning curve to recognize when it’s the appropriate time to curb enthusiasm and when we need to and should let that gushing and knowledge be needed. 🙂

            Perhaps I should clarify: I don’t set out to BE annoying but… yeah some days that’s how it communicates. 😉

          2. I was a total chatterbox as a child — I talked about any and everything. Now, I talk about very little. Somewhere along the way, I realized that people don’t always share my interests, so it’s best not to bore them. But at the same time, it can be incredibly frustrating not to have an outlet, or someone to discuss things you really love with — of course, in our modern trend of talking “at” rather than “to” one another, even if you find someone who cares, usually they don’t want to really TALK about it. It’s more of a “Oh, I love that too! …. silence” than an ongoing, excited discussion. I miss that. I miss communication. I miss sharing passions. But part of my personality is “if they don’t care, why bother?” Why put work and heart into something if no one will be interested in it?

            And we wonder why everyone is so depressed…

            You’re not annoying, just affirming… in an unhelpful manner. LOL

          3. I do think it’s important that we don’t drone on and on about things we love that bore others. I’ve far too often on the receiving end of the person who blabs on and on about something he or she loves but which bores the stuffing out of me, with no option to get a word in edgewise, no option to walk away, no give-and-take conversation. So I dearly don’t want to be that person.
            But nothing is sweeter in a friendship than mutual love for a certain thing and long and deep conversations about it.

          4. Yep. It’s at that point that your eyes want to shut and a frustrated feeling of “can you just shut up?!” rises within you. But of course, I try not to be rude, so I sit there and listen and wish I were somewhere else. I haven’t learned how to change the conversation yet. =P

    1. I have been pondering that of late. I guess I’m a bit hesitant to talk about it, knowing a LOT of backlash will come from talking about it (since many INTJs are obnoxious atheists!). But it may be time to write a post about it. 🙂

    2. I totally agree. Christian INTJs definitely exist, and we need to support each other and demonstrate proof that it’s perfectly reasonable to be a religious INTJ.

      1. But — but — but — atheism is the only thing that makes logical sense even though it takes more faith to believe in than it does to believe a Higher Power exists! 😉

        1. I entirely disagree. It’s irrational to constrict one’s ideas about what can happen in the world to the realm of only what one can see or can prove according to some purely Western idea of what’s rationally possible. It’s completely reasonable to believe that a Higher Power can break whatever jolly old laws He wants. How narrow and constricted an idea is it that this world is all there is? I think it’s perfectly unintelligent.

          1. And that’s part of my point: what one person thinks is illogical and unreasonable another thinks is perfectly logical and reasonable. Our minds are all so different, whether INTJ or not, that steadfastly saying all INTJs have to believe faith is inherently unreasonable is in itself unreasonable.

  4. What’s your opinion on ratings (you know, G, PG, etc.) on movies? How have those ratings changed over the years (are they more permissive or less)? I have my own thoughts on this, but I have always wondered if anyone else ever thought about it or had opinions concerning them.

    1. This is a great idea, Carol. I also have thoughts on this but haven’t ever considered it making a great blog post. Interesting thought. 🙂

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