Get to Know… Jeanna Marie!

pride and prejudice

Name: Jeanna Marie

Personality Type: ISTJ (So, I’m like 90% introverted and not much one way or the other over the others: sensing over intuition, thinking over feeling, and perceiving over judging. LOL. I sound quiet and uncertain. So me!)

Famous ISJs: George Washington, Stonewall Jackson, Sigmund Freud, Sean Connery, Natalie Portman, Elizabeth II, Sharon Raydor (Major Crimes)

What do you love most about yourself? That I can bake up a mean batch of chocolate chip cookies! Because then I get to eat them…

What would you most like to change about yourself? Oh, so much! Perfectionism and timidity do not a happy couple make…

Favorite Fictional Character & why: Elizabeth Bennet. Because she’s full of spirit and still respectful. Because she beyond clever and just a little stupid. Because she’s full of wit and a little sass. Simply put, because she’s flawed and still beautiful. And because she’s Jane Austen’s creation.

Name one possession that you absolutely love: If we’re talking material things, I would say my American Girl dolls – Josefina, Samantha, Felicity, and “girl of today” Jenny. There one thing from my childhood that still have a place in my heart and can bring a smile to my face. And I confess to changing their clothes and doing their hair even as an adult! I also love my harp… and my photo albums. My all-time favorite thing that I “own” would be my kitties, though (more on them below!). But, as my through-and-through cat Ana would protest, you can’t really own a living thing. J

If you could meet one person, living or dead, who would it be and why?

Jane Austen: Comparing Sense & Sensibility

Jane Austen. For some reason, I don’t tend to idolize any “real-life” people (fictional characters tend to be a different story). I admire many people, especially great Christian heroes, but it stops at that for some reason: just plain admiration. Jane Austen, though… she’s always had my enduring veneration. I’m a sucker for a happy ending, so she wins me there, but the way she wrote, the cleverness, the spirit, the wit, along with her underlying faith and humility? She’s one worthy to stay on my A-list forever.

Tell us three of your “guilty pleasures”: “Dancing with the Stars.” “Project Runway.” And “Chopped.” All three of them are giant wastes of time and, more often than not, tick me off, but I still can’t seem to convince myself they aren’t worthy of my giving them just one more chance.

Name one thing (book, song, movie, item) you wish you had thought up first:

I got nothing. Something entirely awesome. Ooooh… chocolate.

Share several of your favorite quotes with us:

“You have a better guide in yourself, than any other person can be.” –Jane Austen (and, really, ANYTHING she ever said or wrote is worthy of being on my favorite quote list…)

“It’s just that I went looking for my ideals outside of myself and discovered it’s not what the world holds for you; it’s what you bring to it.” -Anne, “Anne of Avonlea”

“Fear is the original sin. Almost all the evil in the world has its origin in the fact that someone is afraid of something.”    -Lucy Maud Montgomery, The Blue Castle

“I hope your hurricane misses you, too. But in case it doesn’t, anchor deep, say a prayer, and hold on. And don’t be surprised if Someone walks across the water to give you a hand.” -Max Lucado, Six Hours One Friday

And one more Jane Austen quote: “The person, be it gentleman or lady, who has not pleasure in a good novel, must be intolerably stupid.”

What memory is the most special to you and why?

The night my family was suffering a real crisis, and I was upstairs in the rocking chair comforting my little 6-month old nephew, whispering it would be all right, and singing him “When You Believe.” Really, I cherish any special, close moments I’ve ever had with my nephew and niece: waking up at 3 a.m. with Justin or his refusing to be comforted by anyone but me, Rachael crying for her “nana” or always lighting up when she saw me; Justin’s watching of Emma or them both requesting me to sing “my lullaby”; oh, and Rachael’s looking at the Bible wondrously and saying, “God sure knows how to write.” Those are the times that always make me smile.

Who is your favorite actor / actress? What was the first film you saw them in?

Legend of the Seeker (2009)

Again with favorite people! Honestly, I don’t really have one. There’s some I can’t stand (usually because they cannot act), and you’ll have a hard time getting me to watch any movie they’re ever in (Keira Knightley!). And there’s some I enjoy watching, and I’ll always end up picking up his or her movie eventually, even though I know it’s “not supposed to be good” (Cathereine Zeta-Jones, Kate Hudson). But I’ve never developed an enduring admiration for any actor since my high school and short-lived crush on Orlando Bloom (who consequently lost my interest when the second Pirates film was TERRIBLE!). All that aside, what really wins me are the characters. The list is endless for my “favorite characters”… and, thus, the actor that plays them. Currently at the top? Richard Cypher (Craig Horner!) from Legend of the Seeker. Because he’s honorable, loyal, does (or tries to do!) the right thing, loves one woman, is easy on the eyes, and is just generally awesome.

“I would never get tired of talking about…”?

It takes a lot to get me passionate about something and even more to get me to open my mouth in front of people (*shudder*), but if I believe in something, whether it’s because I admire or disagree with it, I’ll defend my belief to the ends of the earth. And as anyone who brings up BBC’s Robin Hood or Edith Wharton’s House of Mirth (and, most recently, Downton Abbey!) finds out, you don’t screw up my happy endings. Robin Hood still makes me mad!

If you could own any animal as a pet, what would it be? If you’re trying to get me to say some extraordinary animal that no one would ever think of, you’re going to be disappointed. I cannot live without my cats – IndiAna. So the animal I must always have as a pet would be a cat. A “dream” animal I’ve yet to own, but would like to one day is a horse. They’re just so majestic, and whenever I watch a horse movie/show/sequence, I cry. Without fail. I think it’s the connection between the animal and the rider. Which is why I love my cats!

One miniseries or television show everyone needs to try out at least once:

Oh, gosh. The ones I love and no one seems to know about: Scarecrow and Mrs. King, Road to Avonlea, Legend of the Seeker… definitely Legend of the Seeker. If only people had tried it out at least once when it was still airing… it so deserved another season.

12 thoughts on “Get to Know… Jeanna Marie!

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  1. SO nice to meet you!

    I still have my American Girl (Kirsten) doll in my room. I don’t really ever play with her, but I can’t put her away. She’s a sleeping beauty on her bed, never to awaken till any of my (Lord willing) children find her someday – I don’t think she’ll ever go back in a box.

    I love Lizzie. She’s so real. She judges people prior to knowing them. She’s funny. And she knows she can’t settle for that awful Mr. Collins to make her potentially bleak future comfortable. And then she admits it when she’s wrong. She’s loyal to her family despite their problems. I just love her.

    Chocolate – who WAS that person that thought up to mash/cook/whatever it is they do with the cocoa bean? I mean, it tastes NOTHING like chocolate to begin with.

    I’m still seething over Robin Hood to. I shouldn’t be, I mean, it was over 4 years ago that they devastated my life, I should be over it. But then I’ll watch it and get mad all over again.


    1. Oh, Camille, you’re like so right on in my own thoughts! Seriously – the guy/gal who thought up chocolate was a genius! The people who did Robin Hood, not so much.

      I always loved Kirsten. I couldn’t put away my dolls if I tried. I think I’d feel guilty. They’re just too “real” to me. 🙂

  2. It’s nice to meet you! I swear, one of these days I’m going to read an Austen book because everyone loves them, and I’ve never even read one.

  3. So nice to meet you!

    Like you, I love Jane Austen and Elizabeth Bennett. Seriously.

    I’m not sure I would call Chopped a waste of time….you learn a lot about food. Although maybe that is how I justify it to myself =P

  4. Hello, Jeanna Marie! How lovely to meet you.

    Loved your answers! I can relate to many of them. There are many fond memories I have of my AG dolls also – and yay for meeting someone who still thinks they are cool. 🙂 I laugh and say to my mother, “here I am, a 20-something and still, I like AG dolls.” Their newest “girl of the year” is adorbs and I kinda want her. 😉 Like you, I will occasionally re-dress them, putting them in their historical clothes but mostly they remain on the top of my book case.

    Love what you said about what you wouldn’t get tired of talking about and the miniseries you recommend. I’ve not seen ‘Seeker’ but heard good things about it (‘Scarecrow’ is really cute, too!). 🙂

    Looking forward to seeing your name in Femnista! 🙂

    1. Lovely to meet you, Rissi. Good to see someone still loves their AG dolls! Most of the time they remain in my room, lovingly “displayed,” but I’m guilty of having a corner of my closet still reserved for their clothes. I just couldn’t relegate it to boxes! LOL. My niece (who has two of her won) keeps me changing their clothes often enough when she visits. 🙂

      And you must watch Seeker. It’s fabulous. Give it a try. You won’t be sorry.

      1. Awesome! It has always been in the back of my mind to watch some ‘Seeker’ and I simply haven’t gotten to it yet. 🙂

        “I’m guilty of having a corner of my closet still reserved for their clothes.” Me, too.

        BTW: I agree – I love DWTS also. Perhaps it is a waste of time (no, okay, it IS) but it’s gorgeous to watch. 😉

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