Femnista March / April 2013

femnista march april 2013

For our March / April issue, we challenged our writers to do something different — write fan fiction! In this issue is a collection of one-shot stories centered around some of your favorite literature and film.

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Includes: Les Misérables, Major Crimes, Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean, A Place in the Sun, King Arthur, Doctor Who,  Hogfather, Revenge, The Merlin Books, Star Wars, I Capture the Castle, Hart of Dixie, Captain America, Jane Eyre, The Bible, Robin Hood, A Person of Interest

Don’t forget to visit Charity’s Place regularly, for reviews of new costume dramas!

12 thoughts on “Femnista March / April 2013

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      1. I know!! There are too many good books to read and too many good shows and movies to watch! People just need to stop writing and producing until I catch up. 😉

        1. Just think, out there, right now, someone is writing something you would love — and you’ll never discover it, because there’s so much to choose from.

          Or not. Don’t mind me. I’m depressing sometimes. 😀

          1. You want depressing? In all the good, there’s 10x as much bad so you slog through the bad to find a few gems, never knowing that perhaps the book next to the cruddy one is a diamond!


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