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Yesterday, I cleaned my house. I shampooed the carpet in my room. I scrubbed the sinks. I moved furniture and swept under it.

Then, I turned around and did the same thing to my computer. I went through and deleted a bunch of stuff I no longer need. I got rid of old files, stuff I hadn’t looked at in ages, pictures I didn’t want anymore, and so forth. I “put away” (organized into folders) everything that was left, and then emptied the trash.

Sometimes, life is all about getting rid of stuff you don’t need anymore. Call it “unwanted baggage,” or “resonances of a different life.” It’s the stuff you hang onto even if you don’t need it anymore – guilt, resentment, bad memories, relationships you really should walk away from. But for some reason, we don’t like doing that. We feel safer owning that old t-shirt three sizes too small than we would chucking it into the trash. What we know is easier than what we don’t – the unknown is scary stuff.

But just like a house functions better if you can actually get around in it, and a compute runs faster if it’s not loaded down with “crap,” your life works better when you get rid of “old stuff.” I’m not talking about valuable stuff, but the stuff that just weighs you down, stuff you haven’t dealt with and don’t want to, stuff that lurks in the back of your mind like an overflowing closet, reminding you how bad you are at… relationships… moving on… facing forward.

This is Holy Week. It reminds us of Christ’s journey to the cross. He went without any stuff, and once there, He took on OUR stuff, so we don’t have to hang onto it. Like the hero in Pilgrim’s Progress, once faced with the cross, we’re supposed to drop our burden and move forward in total confidence that we are loved.

Get rid of your stuff, the resonances of your old life. Trust me, you won’t miss it.