Star Trek International Trailer

Just linking to it now, since some idiot changed the official “pause” image from Benedict to a half-naked woman, and I’d rather not have porn on my blog. =P

Pretty much the ONLY movie other than The Hobbit I care about this year. How many chances does one girl get to see a Benedict villain go up against Spock? It’s the epic battle of the INTJs. Not to mention, I bloody love the Star Trek reboot franchise.

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  1. I haven’t seen any of the new Star Trek movies which makes me sad. I love Star Trek! I should look into getting them from Netflix.


      Oh, my gosh. It is AWESOME.

      (You will have to put aside your Trekkie self, though, because they change a LOT — Spock is a little more emotional, Kirk is more of a jackass, Uhura is seeing… someone, etc. But Bones is absolutely hysterical.)

      1. All right. Jon has vacation this coming week, but when he goes back, I’ll get it and watch it. How many have they made?

    1. Literally five minutes after I posted that trailer, the official picture for it changed from a close-up of Benedict to that blonde bombshell tramp (I already don’t like her)! I could slap YouTube! =P

  2. Yeah, I noticed the pause page. Don’t blame you for changing it to a link only. *bleh*

    The one thing they need to make sure of is that Benedict’s character is obviously evil. I know governments are flawed, and make bad and even evil choices. So what if it turns out that his character is right from a logical perspective? I don’t know . . . the writers could have written themselves into a corner by invented the perfect villain that everyone loves and no one wants to see die.

    Frankly, I’m already rooting for Ben above the Star Trek team. Not good!

    1. I wish I could remember the link to an article I read a couple of months back that talked about Benedict’s character — he’s the particular brand of manipulative, psychopathic evil that makes a truly terrific bad guy. He manipulates everyone to just where he wants them, so that they have no choice but to do exactly what he says since HE LEAVES THEM NO ALTERNATIVE.

      Oh, I’ll root for him. There’s no doubt about that.

      1. What are his motives? That’ll be the deciding factor in what type of villain they’ve created. I think the conservative party needs more INTJ, more master manipulators, so we can dig our way out of this mess.

        1. That, they didn’t share. Maybe he just wants to watch the world burn. 😉

          Shame we can’t force Rush Limbaugh to run our party. There’s an ENTJ for you.

          1. I think it might help if we had an ENTJ. Maybe they’re rare or something. *sighs*

            We are going to see Star Trek with you when we visit, right? I think it comes out that weekend! 😀

          2. They are pretty rare, but excellent leaders — Margaret Thatcher was an ENTJ.

            I think you’re visiting the weekend before, but if you’re up to it, YES, WE MUST SEE IT TOGETHER. =D

    1. BRING ON THE EPICNESS of Spock and a TOTAL INTJ villain going brain-to-brain. (I read something about how this new villain is a “mastermind, that soon has everyone doing exactly what he told them to, because they have no other choice.” I laughed and said, “Yup, INTJ.”)

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