Femnista Jan / Feb 2013


You can read our latest issue, revolving around memorable romances, online here, or download it here.

11 thoughts on “Femnista Jan / Feb 2013

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  1. A lovely issue. I loved Charity’s article about Anna Karenina,Tryntsje’s about Far From the Madding Crowd, Patti’s about “Random Harvest” (which inspired me to watch it, because I had never seen it and I love Ronald Colman–and now I am setting out to read the book), Gina’s terribly lovely one about Cyrano, and, naturally, the one about Amy and Rory (but I must correct a fact: Rory spent two millennia guarding the Pandorica, not two centuries).
    What a great diversity there is in the subjects we all chose to write about.

  2. Fabulous issue as always! 🙂 Just wanted to throw one thing out there — when I tried the download option, Mediafire wouldn’t load the issue for me past page 22…just wondering if anyone else has had this problem?

        1. Yay!

          Mediafire doesn’t really like to “open” big files, so I’m not surprised it gave you some trouble — I’ve had similar problems trying to link to files. (I wish they would go back to their old format, where it doesn’t open automatically — it just lets you download it.)

  3. Hey ladies,
    Fabulous issue – I enjoyed thumbing through it. The selection of stories was varied and entertaining. Keep up the great work!
    (And thanks Charity for your editing!)

  4. The fabulous variety was impressive. I liked that Lianne surprised by writing about something like ‘London Hospital,’ that there were classics and the sprinkling of contemporaries. (The article on ‘Walk to Remember’ / ‘Magic of Ordinary Days’ was beautiful!)

    Loved this issue so much.

    Thanks for putting the work in order, Charity. 🙂

  5. Oh man–I just finished the first few articles and–oh wow–I’m really impressed by this issue! I love that you’ve got classics like Random Harvest along with London Hospital–which I’d never heard of before!

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