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Time to choose our next cover!

21 thoughts on “Pick Your Cover

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  1. Hi Charity, I noticed that you let people volunteer articles. I could do something for the Children’s Literature issue if you want? Love your reviews by the way!

    1. That would be lovely! I’ve sent you an e-mail you can simply reply to with your chosen topic — and if that doesn’t turn up, please e-mail me at the address located on the back of Femnista. =)

  2. While I’m definitely voting for Matthew and Mary, I do think Amy and Rory’s cover is really sweet (I wouldn’t mind if they won). But I haven’t watched Doctor Who yet. Sad, I know.

  3. Are you sending out two week-before-it-is-due emails to remind everyone of what they are writing and when it is due? I searched high and how for the submission deadlines and couldn’t find them. Help!

    1. Yes, I still do that. If it helps, just remember that ALL deadlines are the 17th day of the month before their release — so the Jan/Feb issue’s deadline is Jan 17, and so on. =)

  4. Um, this was an easy vote for me, girl…..I’m not a Doctor. Who fan (I’ll watch Vampires with you when we get together but not THAT!) and um, Bella and Edward–memorable love stories?! Don’t make me laugh. 😛

    SO I had to go with Matthew and Mary in happy times!!!! It better win or so help me……

    1. … and there’s something wrong with Doctor Who BECAUSE? Honestly, it’s one of the best things on television.

      I had a hard time coming up with covers this time — no one really picked a “love story” that is mainstream and/or has many images from it to choose from.

      Methinks Amy and Rory will win, since they’re ahead so far.

  5. Love each of them – how could you make us pick between these!?

    *Checks Mental Calendar*

    …and now I really must get working on my submission! *bites nails*

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