dr who

Dear Baby Jesus: Thank you for growing up, to give your life for my sins. There’s no way I can ever repay you, so thank you for giving your love unconditionally.

Dear Christmas Season: I love your lights, your peppermint-flavored hot chocolate, and your fudge. But why aren’t I’m more excited? Why doesn’t it feel like Christmas, even though it snowed last night?

Dear Santa: please send me Mr. Thornton, Sherlock, or the Doctor for Christmas. Thank you.

Dear Les Miserables: I’m SO disappointed in your needless, vulgar sexual content. I was looking forward to watching you this week with my friends, and now we’ve canceled our plans. Oh, well, we’ll watch The Hobbit together instead.

Dear Friends: I’m so grateful to have you in my life, delighting me, surprising me, making me laugh, and sharing the things I love most.

Dear British Telly: Why do you insist on getting me hooked on costume dramas no one else watches, or has ever even heard about, so that I must exist in a fandom of one?

Dear TARDIS Gingerbread House: So worthless, yet so utterly cute.

Dear Downton Abbey: Please make up your mind as to whether or not Dan Stevens is leaving the cast. This uncertainty is KILLING me.

Dear Masterpiece Theatre: Why don’t you have your 2013 schedule up? I need to know which foreign costume dramas are coming to the States and when, so I can plan accordingly!

Dear Pottermore: Why didn’t you have better stuff on the first chapters of the Prisoner of Azkaban? Don’t make this Slytherin girl give you a beat-down!

Merry Christmas!