8 Replies to “The Hobbit / Star Trek”

  1. *laughing out loud* Love that look Martin Freeman is giving Peter Jackson at the front of the Hobbit video! Maybe not a good time for an interview. 😉

  2. *rejoices*
    Cannot. Wait. For. Evil. Sherlock. I mean, “Star Trek.”
    I’ve been hoping and hoping he’s not playing Khan, but I kind of think he might be after this trailer. Ricardo Montalban…Benedict Cumberbatch… Not really very similar… But he’ll be good, whoever he is.

    1. I’m curious — why were you hoping he wasn’t playing Khan?

      (I heard a rumor about that somewhere at some point, and always assumed he was Khan! So if he’s not, I’ll be surprised!)

      1. Khan’s never been my favorite baddie, and taking him from Hispanic to British is…an interesting choice. Anyway, I want to see BC play a Vulcan or a Romulan.

        1. Well, I don’t see any pointed ears on Benedict, so … I’m guessing he’s Kahn. I wouldn’t mind them updating the character. I thought that was one BORING movie. =/

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