Femnista 2013: Upcoming Themes

Jan / Feb 2013: “Love Stories”
Pick ANY romance, from ANY movie, book, or television show. It can be Austen. It can be Bronte. It can be Sparks. Choose your favorite love story and make us understand why you love it so much.

March / April 2013: “Write a Oneshot”
Here’s your chance to write a 900 word story involving your favorite characters. Will it be Amy Pond? Sherlock Holmes? Richard Castle? Surprise us!

May / June 2013: “Children’s Literature”
Think books written for children are light reading? Think again. Will you write about To Kill a Mockingbird? Harry Potter? Heidi? What was your favorite growing up?

July / Aug 2013: “Friendships”
Friendships are the stuff of legend… and great literature. Friends turned enemies, thick-and-thin partners in crime-solving… who will you write about?

Sept / Oct 2013: “Literary Villains”

Heroes couldn’t be heroic without an antagonist, right? What villain made you clench your teeth together and seethe with hatred? What villain made you feel sorry for them? Share them with us!

Halloween 2013: “Speculative Film & Fiction”
What’s speculative fiction? It’s set in our world, but with a twist. Speculative fiction goes beyond the horror of everyday life and takes the reader (and writer) into a world of magic, fantasy, science. [ read this ]

Nov / Dec 2013: “Musicals”
Anything qualifies so long as it has singing in it. 😉

Please visit our official page to see which topics were claimed already. (I update it every day.)

11 thoughts on “Femnista 2013: Upcoming Themes

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  1. Hi Charity,

    I went through the list and picked out my topics for the issues. =)

    Jan/Feb – Jodhaa Akbar (Jodhaa and Jalaluddin Mohammad Akbar)

    March/April – Captain America and ? (The Avengers)

    May/June – Nathan T. Riggins by Stephen Bly

    July/Aug – Hugo & Isabelle (From Hugo or The Invention of Hugo Cabret)

    Sept/Oct – Captain Hook (Peter Pan and Wendy and Hook)

    Halloween – Moist von Lipwig (Going Postal)

    Nov/Dec – Newsies

    – Caitlin

  2. If no one else claims them, please put me down for Bridge to Terabithia for May/June and Lisey’s Story for Halloween 2013. And though I don’t know who I’d like to cover, may I claim a spot for July/August and September/October even if I don’t know who I want to write about?

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