Get to Know… Ella

Name: Gabrielle—although in Femnista and in my other writings, my nom de plume is “Ella.” I find it offers less chance of being misspelled than Gabrielle.

Personality Type: I am an ENFJ. I am definitely a girl who feels deeply and gets empathetic pretty quickly. However, I can sway between being introverted (like meeting new people for the first time) and extroverted (when surrounded by people with whom I am very familiar) I love being around people, but I also have those moments where I need to be left alone—don’t we all? 😉 In fact, my extrovert was only 11% ahead of being an introvert to give you some idea.

Famous ENFJ’s: Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan, Johnny Depp, Andy Griffith.

What do you love most about yourself?

I would say the thing I love most about myself is how caring and compassionate people tell me I am. I want those in my life to know that I care more about them and their problems than I do about regaling them with mine. Of late, it seems like I have had people feel as if they can “dump” on me because all I will do is listen… I won’t tell them to suck it up or snap out of it. I just am a sounding board for them; I try to help them calm down before they blow up at the wrong person.

On a less important scale, I like my straight hair and my blue eyes

What would you most like to change about yourself?

The one personality trait about myself I would change is how quick I can be to make snap judgments—and it isn’t always on a legalistic, holier than thou level (although trust me, I have most definitely been there!). Because I can occasionally be led by my emotions, I can make rash decisions if I don’t stop and take a minute to calm down. By the Lord’s grace, I am trying to do better… but it is a process

If I could change being SO petite, I definitely would. But I do guess to wear heels, so it isn’t all bad. =) I put my size five feet through a lot of torture to wear heels, yet it is so worth it.

Favorite Fictional Character & why:

Ooh… this is so hard!! I would have to say Elizabeth Bennett of Pride and Prejudice. I know, I know, it sounds so “typical”, yet every time I wrack my brain, this is the first answer I come up with. I see a lot of Elizabeth Bennett in myself, both the good things and the bad things. I can have moments of getting “passionate” about a topic. She is both strong and feminine, something that I would like to consider myself one day…..yes, she is one fantastic literary character. I also like that by the end of the novel, Elizabeth has learned her lesson, cut down to size if you will. She learned that she has her own elements of pride, just like Mr. Darcy. She had to be “refined” and it took a bunch of people to do it.

Also, Elizabeth gets Mr. Darcy. How can one NOT like that?!

Name one possession that you absolutely love:

The possession I love most would be my great, great grandmother’s piano. I hate the knowledge that should our house be burning, I couldn’t take it with me =( It’s a very unique piano that doesn’t even have a full eighty-eight keys…I have so many memories wrapped up in that one instrument. I even “attempted” to teach my brother how to play (although that meant writing in permanent marker the key names DIRECTLY onto the keys… by some miracle, Mom got it off… and I got busted). I took lessons for ten years and by the end, I managed to play a Gershwin piece. Not sure if I can right now, but I did learn! Whenever I move on and get married, this piano is going with me.

If you could meet one person, living or dead, who would it be and why?

Obviously, my first choice would be Jesus, to be taught by the Teacher Himself. However, if you want someone different, I would love to meet Ronald Reagan. Hands down, he is my favorite president in history. He seemed like such a down to earth guy and he had such great stands on political issues. Seriously, our politicians could learned a few things from Ronald Reagan (not that they exactly care, but that is beside the point)

If I were to meet someone that is alive… I’m all over the place. I would love to meet Tim Tebow because, well, he’s exactly like the guy that I want to marry someday. I would want to meet Victoria Beckham (strictly because of her classic clothing line NOT the Spice Girls). And I would adore meet Kate Middleton because she’s pretty fantastic! Her story is one of which great stories are made. Ordinary girl marries a prince… oh wait. They have been written =)

Tell us three of your “guilty pleasures”:

  1. The 1980’s miniseries North and South starring Patrick Swayze. It is a fantastic story of two friends, one is from South Carolina, the other from Pennsylvania and how their families and lives unfold against the backdrop of the Civil War. Problem is, there are some issues morally. (Like one of the guys is in love with a woman who is tricked into marrying this other guy who turns out to be abusive. The good guy and the gal carry on an affair and in a way, you can’t help but root for it) I know I should love the series as much as I do….but there it is. I am so glad that I own this despite its flaws. There is so much more of the good within the hours and hours of programming.
  2. I’m about to get really weird here. I occasionally watch certain reality TV shows so I can mock/make fun of/laugh at them. For instance, I watched The Bachelorette finale so I could laugh at why in the world people would propose after so little of a time knowing each other. I watched an episode of “Kourtney and Kim Take New York” (back when Kim Kardashian was married for seventy-two days) and I could totally see why her marriage didn’t work…the latest one was “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo”…although that was just plain disturbing come to think of it.
  3. I have those guilty pleasure songs that I just love. I’m a Christian girl who loves good country music (Carrie Underwood) and Christian music (Casting Crowns) and musicals (Wicked!) just as much as the next person…but I also have one or two songs of Lady Gaga, One Direction, Carley Rae Jepsen’s ‘Call Me Maybe” and even some of those “raunchy” country songs like “Honkey Tonk Badonkadonk” and “Drunk on You.” And yes, I blare them super, duper loud sometimes.

Name one thing (book, song, movie, item) you wish you had thought up first:

I can’t come up with an original idea, which is part of the problem. Every time I have even attempted to write a fiction story, I always discover that someone has beaten me to the punch. In some other moments, I wish I had come up with the global phenomena so I could be the one racking in the big bucks instead of Susanne Collins or Stephanie Meyer or Matt Damon

Share several of your favorite quotes with us:

“I am aware of the two things—that I am a great sinner and Christ is a Great Savior.” —John Newton

“Don’t cry because it is over; smile because it happened” —Dr. Seuss

“Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.” —Corrie Ten Boom

“Reading gives us a place to go when we have to stay where we are”

“Friendship isn’t about whom you have know the longest… it’s about who came and never left your side.”

“When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left and could say, “I used everything that You gave me.” —Erma Bombeck

“I don’t know who invented high heels, but women owe him a lot.” —Marilyn Monroe

What memory is the most special to you and why?

It would have to be 1996 and our family vacation to Clearwater Beach, Florida. I have so many memories of that trip. I got to eat Fruity Pebbles and sugary cereal was (and still is) such a treat. It was also the vacation where I got to sleep in my own bed (and not share one with my four year old brother—I was six at the time) And I also remember watched the 1996 Summer Olympic games and Kerri Strug vault herself and the Magnificent Seven to a Women’s Gymnastics team medal. Clearwater Beach was also the vacation of this awesome peanut butter fudge. I haven’t been back to that place since that trip but it holds such a special place in my heart and I think it always well

Who is your favorite actor / actress? What was the first film you saw them in?

Old or new? Because I have a favorite “new” actor in Matt Damon. The first movie I watched him in was The Bourne Identity and that movie caused me to love “thrillers” or action movies or whatever genre you want to put it in. However, for an old actor, I absolutely love Sidney Poitier. He was one amazing actor and during the 60’s, he was given movies that much matched the times with the gender bias and everything. My favorite movie of his is Guess Who is Coming to Dinner. If you haven’t seen it, you must!

For the women, I love Bette Davis. She was oh so good being oh so bad. I loved her in so many movies but if you want her at her devilish best, you must do Whatever Happened to Baby JaneA Stolen Life is a lesser known fabulous one (with a better ending too).

“I would never get tired of talking about…”?

I can talk about a numerous amount of topics… politics included. However, I love talking about fashion, college football, books, Downton Abbey, the lessons the Lord is teaching me… like I said, so many things =)

If you could own any animal as a pet, what would it be?

I own two beagles and I love them. However, if I could own a wild animal, I would like a baby elephant (that doesn’t grow up. Hey, I can dream!) or a giraffe (because they can reach things =)

One miniseries or television show everyone needs to try out at least once:

I am absolutely, positively a Castle fan! I got all caught up on that show in like a five week span and then I began watching it weekly as it airs. Mondays at 10:00 are torture because I have to wait a whole seven more days in order for a new episode!

The lesser known show I would recommend is two cancelled too soon twice—the first is Three Rivers starring Alex O’Loughlin. It only aired one season but it was quite good. It’s the story of a hospital in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, that seeks to find and perform transplants on needing patients. Really good. Also, you have to give Chuck a try. Yes, it brings out the nerd in all of us, but it connects on a deeper level too. It has action, romance, comedy, heart—I hate that NBC was dying to get rid of it, but at least it lives on in DVD format.

17 thoughts on “Get to Know… Ella

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  1. Nice to meet you Ella, I enjoyed reading your responses! Yay for us petite people *high fives* It sucks but it works out when it comes to moving quickly and out of places lol.

    Elizabeth Bennett is a fantastic character, I love that she speaks her mind and isn’t shy when it comes to pointing things out. I love all of Jane Austen’s heroines ❤

    Have you ever read Ronald Reagan's diaries? Very interesting stuff, I agree that some politicians could learn a few things from him, he was quite skilled at what he did.

    I remember seeing a preview to Three Rivers but alas, never got around to it *blushes* (I’m so behind in television anyways)

  2. Hi Ella, it’s so nice to meet you! You sound fun, and like we’d have a grand time talking about all our similar interests on a fall day over a cup of warm cider!

    I adore Elizabeth Bennet – I don’t feel like you gave a “typical” answer. Strong, feminine women role models are hard to come by, and Lizzie is one of them. She is refined, but doesn’t let herself get walked over. She is relatable because she isn’t perfect, but we like her because she is sorry for her faults and tries to correct them. And she is so horribly witty! (This is, I think, what I like best about her) And when people begrudge me for never learning a musical instrument (very well), I just shrug my shoulders and think, “well, neither did Lizzie, and that turned out okay.” Teeheehee 😉

    President Reagan was an amazing man, and I completely agree it would awesome to meet him. And Tim Tebow (for the same reason as yourself. 🙂

    “Castle” in now in my Netflix Queue . . . I’ll have to let you know how I like it!

    And Matt Damon, I used to hate him (not sure why . . . I must have heard him give a liberal political rant last election cycle), but lately I’ve been watching his films and really enjoying them. Now I get excited when I hear he is in a movie.

    Once again, nice to meet you! And thanks for clarifying that Gabrielle is aka “Ella”!

    1. Thank you for all of your great words, Camille.

      I’m glad to hear that you didn’t think Elizabeth Bennett was a typical answer. Sometimes, I feel like that’s what they all say. Though of late, I am encountering people who have never read Jane Austen!! I believe that is such a travesty! You described her quite well and all of the reasons why I like her.

      You can’t get better than meeting Ronald Reagan and Tim Tebow. I would enjoy myself far too much with conversations between myself and those two 😉

      Oh yes, you must let me know what you think of Castle. I adore that show.

      Matt Damon is a liberal, although he definitely has help off voicing an opinion this election cycle. What movies have you seen of his?

      1. Well, I think it was last year I watched “True Grit” and liked it, then I tried “Contagion” with my Dad. I wouldn’t say these movies made me like him (those films don’t really give him an opportunity to stand out much), I’d just say they made me rethink, “why do avoid him, he’s not that bad.” But when I watched the “Adjustment Bureau” I thought, “oooohh, me liketh him.” I just loved that he adored Emily Blunt’s character and was willing to go to such lengths to search for her.

        Sooo, not the most typical of his films. I think I’ll have to watch the Bourne series with my brother when he gets home from college. I basically ignored them the first time around when he (my brother) got into them.

  3. Ella, you are a beautiful person inside and out. I love your compassionate spirit and enthusiasm for life. Knowing you gives me great joy, and I’m so grateful God brought us together. ❤

    1. Aw, Charity, thank you so much. Sometimes I feel I can be too compassionate or too passionate about certain things, but I guess that comes with the territory of my personality type. I am so glad that God brought us together and for our friendship!

  4. I *loved* reading this. Also, I can testify to the compassionate part, especially. You are one of the most caring people I’ve ever met, Gabrielle – I’m so grateful to be friends with you. 🙂

    As for the other things…

    – LOVE that Marilyn Monroe quote. 😀
    – I can totally relate to the last guilty pleasure of yours! Haven’t seen North and South yet, but it’s on my “to watch” list!
    – You have the same brain type as Johnny Depp and Ronald Reagan. Does it get neater then that?! 😉
    – Oh, and if you ever DO meet Tim Tebow, I expect you to introduce me. Just saying.

    1. Ah, Jess, you are far too sweet. You are a very special person in my life, let me tell you. I don’t call may other people “Twin.” In fact, I only call you that =)

      I adore that Marilyn Monroe quote, what can I say 😉

      NORTH AND SOUTH IS ON YOUR TO WATCH LIST?! How did I know know this? You must, MUST watch it. Megs and I watched it last summer together and she LOVED it.

      I know, my brain type is in pretty good company. Although, even if it had only Ronald Reagan on the list, that would be good company!

      I will introduce you to Tim Tebow. I mean, if I marry him, you’re in the wedding 😉

  5. Oh. My. Gosh! Loved reading this, girl!

    – Castle = SO. MUCH. FUN. Wish I didn’t have to be “tortured” with the promo spots on Monday nights (I am watching DWTS).

    – Your answer of what you do not get tired of talking about was great. 🙂

    – Matt Damon = GREAT actor!

    – Agree with you about music.

    1. A lot of this you probably already knew, Rissi, but I am glad that you loved reading it all the same!

      You know, you could just buckle down and start watching “Castle” when it airs. The most recent episode was SO FUNNY!! And good 😉

      Got to love Matt Damon, right ;-)\

      1. Castle: Fortunately, I’ve not been tempted to leave the TV on for that nine ‘O clock hour like I expected (though watching the promos isn’t “fun”) but my mom has. She’s so funny when it comes to shows – no matter how many times I tell her, “everything works out, mom!” she still wonders about those cliff hangers. 😉

        Matt Damon = FABULOUS actor. I’d love to see him and Renner together in the next ‘Bourne,’ but chances are slim. *sigh* Why must Matt have a grudge against Gilroy? I mean, really!?

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