Dear Julian Fellowes

More on other things tomorrow (like Titanic: Blood & Steel), but… waaaaaah, and I’m really, really glad I had spoilers going into this episode of Downton Abbey.

14 thoughts on “Dear Julian Fellowes

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  1. I am SO mad about the implications of these comments (which I have now confirmed). Jullian Fellowes did us no favors by writing that into the story – your GIF accurately shows off my own opinion. So mad right now. :/ Badly done, Fellowes, badly done indeed.

          1. Indeed. I’m slowly amassing a little collection of ones I like to use. Admittedly most are from Sherlock. I find myself using the Watson Face-Palm a lot.

  2. Well this is interesting… (I’m not watching Downton Season 3, but I’m not completely in the dark about spoilers either). Very curious this plays out for you-know-who.

      1. I didn’t even have any spoilers to go on, not having a television, although afterwards my midwife aunt did comment on Facebook that she knew what was coming as soon as they mentioned the swollen ankles.

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