Choose Your Cover – Hitchcock Issue

Ladies, it’s time to pick another cover! Please vote for your favorite!

(Some have lines on the right hand side; they won’t be in the finished cover, it’s just a technical difficulty.)

To Catch a Thief 1

To Catch a Thief 2

Rear Window



Vertigo 1

Vertigo 2

14 thoughts on “Choose Your Cover – Hitchcock Issue

Add yours

  1. I liked #1, Cary Grant and Grace Kelly are just lovely together. . . . but I had to pick Vertigo #1 because it is not only swoony romantic, but also shows a little tension (which is what Hitchcock is about). So there is my opinion. The fact that it is Jimmy *cough cough* has nothing to do with it.

    1. *laughs* I went with Vertigo 1 too because it is such an amazing shot from that movie. It’s been years since I’ve watched “Vertigo” so I guess I’ll have to put it on hold. I love both Cary and Jimmy but that photo is just yummy with that perfect amount of tension.

      1. It dethroned Citizen Kane (I never understood the hype around that film) in a film critics’ poll that’s taken once a decade. I’ve known it was the greatest since I was ten years old.

  2. That’s cool. Vertigo 1 and To Catch a Thief 1 are tied! I like both of them but Jimmy Stewart won out for me.

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