Angels Take Manhattan

Good grief, after all the drama on Tumblr about the mid-season finale for Doctor Who, I thought I’d be left crying and rocking in a corner for the next month. Imagine my surprise to discover it may be the best episode or at least my favorite yet.Where do I even start? I guess I’ll tackle things one at a time.

The Angels: have been darned creepy from the start. I thought they couldn’t get any creepier. I was wrong. The cherub angels, and the Statue of Liberty, and those darned noises they were making made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. I will eternally blame Moffat for making me afraid of stuff I shouldn’t be afraid of — like statues, and dust.

River Song: You know, when she first entered the show I hated her, and now I’m always delighted to see her. WHY can’t she travel with the Doctor? I love their flirting and bantering and all the times he called her “Wife”! I also find it fitting that she’s there at her parents’ “end.” It’s poetic somehow.

The Doctor: dude, was there ever another Doctor? I love this one so much. I love him wearing Amy’s glasses. I love him running around with his jacket flapping. I love him straightening that stupid bow-tie, and insisting River Song try to change the future, and using his regeneration ability to heal her arm, and then her being angry at him for it.

Amy and Rory: here’s where the fandom is overreacting, in my opinion. Yes, it’s sad. Yes, I cried, but they aren’t dead. Yes, in the Doctor’s modern timeline, they are dead, and he can’t go back to visit them. But the headstone leads us to believe that they FOUND ONE ANOTHER. The entire series has been about Amy and Rory since they first came on board; about their love, about how they would sacrifice anything to be with one another, about how they wait for one another. Rory waited 5,000 years for Amy! Of course she would choose to go back in time to be with him! It really is the “bittersweet goodbye” that Moffat said it would be.

Steven Moffat: I see what you did there. Sending them back to 221 BC? Having two characters throw themselves off a roof and then not be dead? You’re trying to make up with me after the Irene Adler fiasco, and I won’t have it, even if it did kind of work. How is it that you can always make me cry? I’ve seen The Girl in the Fireplace (which is really kind of a precursor to Amy Pond) like thirty times, and I still bawl at the end. I cried over River Song in The Silence in the Library BEFORE I even knew who she was (and a lot more after!). Now, you have me crying over The Angels Take Manhattan. I wish you did this kind of work more, because when you’re good, you’re really good.

Basic rundown of previous episodes, since I haven’t bothered blogging any of them:

Asylum of the Daleks: Second best episode of the season so far, and that’s surprising considering I thought I was totally sick of the Daleks. I didn’t see the ending coming and yet again, in the course of a single episode, the Moff made me fall in love with a (future) companion. But is it really going to be Oswin somehow, or is her name Clara?

Dinosaurs on a Spaceship: This one did not have a good intro, it just kind of threw us into the middle of things. But I did enjoy it, in part because it made me want to watch Jurassic Park, and in part because the interactions were so funny. Yet, the fan reaction to it baffled me — do people really see the Doctor as a pacifist? Is it really so out of character in their minds for him to intentionally let someone suffer the consequences of his actions? I LOVED IT that he blew someone up!

A Town Called Mercy: Ehh, this one was kind of boring but did have some nice moments.

The Power of Three: total suck-fest, if you want my honest opinion. The black boxes were a snooze. I kept feeling disappointed that we seemed to be missing out on all the awesome stuff happening off-camera, like how did Amy and Rory wind up in the street with smoke pouring behind them, and how did Amy get out of her marriage to Henry VIII? WHY WASN’T THAT THE MAIN PLOT? I FEEL CHEATED.

Now, to wait until Christmas rolls around for more. Funny how everyone else thinks about presents. I look forward to it as the return of the Doctor Who Christmas Specials!

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  1. I find Moffat to be strongest when it comes to creating creepy monsters/villains/whathaveyou out of the most simplest things lol. His imagination knows no bounds with that respect =P But it’s funny, I think this is the first time I’ve actually had a lump in my throat from one of Moffat’s episodes; I’ve been entertained and freaked out by his episodes but never sad or emotional. There’s been plenty of sad moments in Doctor Who but the only time I’ve actually been ;_; all around was “Father’s Day” (that episode kills me every single time)

    I’m so glad that Rory and Amy found each other in the end and just reinforces the idea that no matter what, they always find each other *hearts and happiness amidst the ;_; of the way they were separated from the Doctor*

    I can’t remember if it was Caroline Skinner or some other interview that sort of confirmed that her name is Clara in the Christmas episode? I’m so confused, I wish it was already Christmas lol ;_;

    1. I’ve cried tons watching this show… I cried when Rose left (and I didn’t even LIKE her)… I cried over what happened to Donna… I cried when Ten regenerated into Eleven… I’m just a big Doctor Who bawlbaby! =D

      I KNOW. I want to meet Clara… or whoever she is…

  2. I had a feeling this one would end badly, but you know something? If they were going to leave the Doctor or die, it needed to happen to both of them. If one of them had survived it would have been horrific but having them both together . . . well it worked. No tears from me just a small amount of sadness and a vast relief that Rory wouldn’t die alone. I hate Moffat sometimes for some of his idiotic mistakes, but at least this ending for Amy and Rory worked. They’re together. Not with the Doctor, but together.

    1. Yeah, having them go together made it easier to take. I did cry, though, when the Doctor broke down over their graves. He hates goodbyes, after all. He hates endings. He’s seen so many people die while he continues to live on. His entire existence is really horribly sad.

      (By the way, you’re quite popular! When you have a moment, you should drop in and see all the nice things our readers have said about you in your “Get to Know Carissa” post.)

  3. I am so glad you enjoyed this one, Charity – I thought of you yesterday with all the Twitter chatter. 🙂 All I do have to say though is: You actually risked going onto Tumblr? How could you, my non-spoiler, friend!? LOL!

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