40 Days of Prayer

How much do you care about what happens to our country?

Get involved. Click here.

My church isn’t doing this. But I am. It doesn’t have to be your church — it can be a personal commitment to pray, give up (or add) something in your life, and humble yourself before God.

5 thoughts on “40 Days of Prayer

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  1. Oh–I’m not Catholic, but I really like this idea–and will definitely be praying in the days leading up to election day. Now more than ever, we are reminded we can never put full faith in earthly leaders, but in God.

    1. Neither am I, but I’m glad to see Catholics getting involved in the presidential / election process. If everyone who claims to be a Christian voted according to their Christian principles, we’d never have another liberal president and abortion would be illegal. And that’s a horrific shame, because it means the degredation of this nation is all on us. =(

    1. How’s it going for you? I’ve “added” something and so far for me it’s going really well! Promising God to do something every day is a great motivator!

      1. I’ve actually been remembering to pray! I’m doing a book with a friend of mine where we memorize Bible verses, and I pray when I memorize. 🙂

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