Get to Know… Carol

Name: Carol Starkey (my full name is Carolyn, but no one is allowed to call me that besides my mother)

Personality Type:I was graded as an ISFJ.  I can see it, even more than whatever personality type I was pegged as before.  As I’ve grown older, I’ve become more and more introverted, and having kids has made me value justice.  Yes, we all need a little mercy, but justice is best.  If you get away with something too much, you end up like so many people walking around today.  I’m actually surprised I was only barely judgmental judging.

Famous ISFJ’s: Robert E. Lee, Queen Mary, David Copperfield, Melanie Hamilton, Ophelia.

What do you love most about yourself? I guess my baking skills.  I worked in the school’s bakery when I went to college, and I think I could definitely claim to be a god baker.  I’ve never made anything super-duper fancy, but I’m not afraid to try, and if I had the ingredients for something intricate, I would love to make it.

What would you most like to change about yourself?  I am a HUGE procrastinator.  I’ve tried so many times to not be, but here I am, still putting things off at the last minute.  I don’t think I’d procrastinate so much if I didn’t do such a good job at the last minute, but there ya have it. 😉

Favorite Fictional Character & why: I don’t know that I can pick a favorite, but one character I’ve always loved is Lucy from The Chronicles of Narnia.  She was always happy, she believed in magic easily, and she had the most adventures in Narnia.

Name one possession that you absolutely love: I have a black dress with white flowers and a netting underskirt that makes the skirt part bell out just a teensy bit.  It’s one of the prettiest dresses I’ve ever owned, and I just have to put on and I feel pretty.

If you could meet one person, living or dead, who would it be and why? I have always admired C. S. Lewis.  He was an amazing man, and knew so much!  His books just keep on giving.  You can read one of his books (fiction or non, it doesn’t matter), and every time you read it, you’ll find several things you never noticed or understood before.

Tell us three of your “guilty pleasures”:

  1. Ice cream.  There was a time when my husband and I would go through a carton every night.  We’re not that bad anymore, but we still polish off a carton a few nights a week.
  2. The show, Dollhouse.  It’s definitely not a show I can recommend willy-nilly, but I really enjoy it.
  3. Texting.  I’d much rather text than have a conversation on the phone.  It’s easier and quicker, but I try to make the effort to talk on the phone, too.

Name one thing (book, song, movie, item) you wish you had thought up first: The computer.  They still amaze me! They connect to the internet, a non-physical thing, they can connect to each other, they do things I just can’t believe sometimes.  And someone actually thought them up!

Share several of your favorite quotes with us:

“If they give you ruled paper, write the other way.” – Juan Ramon Jimenez

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream another dream.” C. S. Lewis

“I love deadlines.  I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.” – Douglas Adams

What memory is the most special to you and why?  I don’t know that I have a favorite—I love any memory  of my father, I love the memories of my wedding day, remembering my girls being born brings me joy.  I guess if you twisted my arm behind my back, my most recent special memory was last year; my husband and I drove over to Newport and just spent the day together, walking around.

Who is your favorite actor / actress? What was the first film you saw them in?

I don’t know if I have a favorite, but I’ll pick Harrison Ford.  I have very fond memories of Star Wars and Indiana Jones when I was a kid—my dad loved the movies, and my mom did, too, so we’d all sit down and watch them.

“I would never get tired of talking about…”?  Lately, I have been in love with both Doctor Who and Downton Abbey.  The British sure know what they’re doing!

If you could own any animal as a pet, what would it be?  The kitty I already have, Bunny!

One miniseries or television show everyone needs to try out at least once: Definitely give Doctor Who a try.  And start with 9; he’s not my favorite, but I liked him a lot, and you’ll understand everything that’s going on.  I haven’t decided if 10 or 11 is my favorite doctor, but once you get past the cheese (and that first season has plenty!), it’s a great show.

23 thoughts on “Get to Know… Carol

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  1. Hooray for a “Mom” writer – we enjoy (and need) hearing what you have to say.
    I love your thoughts on “justice.” I have a feeling as I get older I’ll tend to feel more that way. I work with children – and the more I work with them, the more I lean towards being a no-nonsense kind of gal.

    I love your quote by C.S. Lewis. It is good to remember when we feel we’ve done it “the same way” for so long that we can’t change and try something new (that just might be wonderful)!

    I also LOVE LOVE LOVE ice cream too – it is an extreme weakness of mine.
    Nice to meet you!

    1. I think it helps kids to know what you expect, when you expect it.

      Lewis was absolutely brilliant.

      I realized I’ve crossed the dark side. The other day my husband splurged and bought us both Ben & Jerry’s and I ate the whole container. There used to be a day (and it wasn’t that long ago!) that I could eat only half before getting a stomachache. This time, I ate all of it and wanted more!

      1. I know . . if someone is dishing me ice cream, I pretend to look away so I don’t have to stop and say “oh, that’s FAR too much, please don’t give me any more.” I just pretend I’m overwhelmed when they hand me a huge bowl and then eat the whole thing 😉

  2. Nice to meet you Carol! Hee, procrastinators of the world unite (tomorrow)! I think all my time at school has just fueled my procrastinating skills further but it can’t be helped sometimes xP

    I wish I was more of a baker, though to be fair I haven’t done a lot in the baking/desserts department. I think I’m more of a cook if I had to choose hehehe xD

    Yay for Doctor Who and Downton Abbey! I only got around to both within the past year or so and I absolutely love them <333 Ten is my Doctor, if only because I knew of the show when he was the Doctor and most of my favourite stories happened during his era =)

    1. To me, cooking is necessary (though it can be fun sometimes), but baking is my love.

      I loved Ten. It took me a while to love Eleven as much.

  3. Hi Carol!

    I like your choice of C.S. Lewis, I have so much admiration for the man. I read his apologetics as a teenager, at a time when I was being told that religion was for unthinking idiots. Finally, a clever person who also found Christianity intellectually cohesive! Essentially he was the first person (other than my Dad) to demonstrate to me that smart people could believe in God without sacrificing their intelligence. In fact, it was their intelligence which made their belief possible.

    I’ve already decided that when I get to heaven I’m taking him to the pub to buy him a Thank You pint and pick his brains.

  4. I loved the part about you doing tough recipes….I seem to get a thrill out of doing it. Interesting and unique ingredients always make me want to try it even more. Best to you in your cooking adventures!!!

    Downton Abbey is plain old fabulous!! The British are fantastic =D

  5. Nice to meet you, Carol. So I am not the only “mom” on the writing team! Of course that doesn’t mean you’re as “old” as I am, but we are somewhat kindred spirits.

    That C,S, Lewis quote is one of my faves too. It is especially meaningful to me now that my kids are grown and I am seeking a new direction.

    I, too, enjoy baking, though if a recipe is too complicated (or if it uses yeast!), I most generally will forget about it. How wonderful that you are willing to give the difficult recipes a try. My daughter is that way too!

    Oh, I love Downton too! This new season ought to prove to be very interesting.


    1. Lewis was such a wise man.

      I’ve only just begun using yeast and it’s so much fun! I made doughnuts a week or so ago and they were really good!

      Yes, I can’t wait for it!

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