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I just wanted to let my writers know that I’ve received many of your submissions this weekend, and if I haven’t responded yet, it’s because this was my crunch week at work. I’m slowly working through reading, formatting, and responding to them. Please, grace me with your patience over the next couple of days. I have a lot on my plate right now, but I AM delighted with them! It’s going to be a terrific issue! (Out October 1st, for anyone curious.)

(Gosh, I love that picture of “Bertie” and his little Elizabeth.)

On a different note, this blog will probably mostly be used for Femnista in the future. Given the general lack of response / interest in blogging in general these days, it seems more worthwhile to focus my effort elsewhere.

Have an awesome week,


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  1. I’m so excited to read your article on George VI! His story, and the story of those immediately before and after him, are so interesting to study. Have you seen “The Lost Prince,” about his brother with epilespy? It really made me understand his adult character while watching “The King’s Speech,” (it seems like he has a conversation with Lionel that references it). I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

    I so enjoy your blog (sniff, sniff). But, I’m sure I will LOVE your books! Just wherever you go (if it is on the internet) please let us know so we can follow you there =)

    1. It’s not my article, actually — Lianne (comment above yours) wrote it, but it is a terrific article! I’m so pleased with all the submissions this time; none of them are shallow, and each draws from something unique and meaningful.

      Yes! I have seen (and do own) The Lost Prince. It’s incredibly sad, but also really moving in a lot of ways. And yeah, he does have a chat with Lionel about it in The King’s Speech. I think those chats mean so much more if you actually know what they went through, as children.

      Now, if there would just be a proper movie about Elizabeth II when she was young… but I suppose they will wait until she has passed away, which I hope is not soon!

      This blog will remain my thought-output place, if and when I feel a desire to open up about something. Hopefully, one day soon, I will have book and publishing-related thoughts to share. I may also do occasional INTJ posts, since those seem to get the most attention from people desperate to understand how an INTJ mind works. And, of course, there’s always http://www.charitysplace.com. =)

      1. Oooo, well, I can’t wait to read what Lianne has to say. He is SUCH an impressive figure. I would have loved to have covered him but it seems like doing a research paper on Winston Churchill (SO DAUNTING!). Kuddos to you for attacking it!

        Yes, can’t wait for a film about Elizabeth II.

  2. Aww, the photo of George VI and Elizabeth is precious ❤ I love all of the photos of George VI and his family actually, I love how he always refers to them as "us four" or something like that (I actually much prefer George VI in general to Edward VIII but anyways xP). Looking forward to the issue, it's going to be fantastic =D

    Sorry to hear you're not blogging much anymore. I've sort of stopped blogging on LJ since nothing much has been going on in my life (not to mention most of the people I used to talk to aren't on there anymore and migrated to Twitter or something) but I think it's a trend across the board.

    1. The more I learn about George VI, the more I like him. He seems like a nice monarch, by contrast to some of the others England has had. I do adore his daughter as well, though. She holds a special place in my heart.

      The same thing happened to me with LJ. I kept it up for something like ten years or more, then it got slower and slower, people stopped responding, etc. I decided it was best to delete my account than mourn it as a monument to “the old days.”

      1. Definitely! He seems like someone you can relate to as well. I can’t remember if I told you this but I really love that letter he wrote to Elizabeth after she got married to Prince Philip, it always leaves me a little teary lol xD

        I’m always awe-struck by Elizabeth II and the course that her reign took, so much has happened over the course of her life!

        Wow, I don’t think I could ever bring myself to deleting my account. I must’ve had mine for like…wow, I guess 10 years now!…but I still lurk a little on LJ comms so I keep it around. I wish I could gather all my online friends on one social media site though, everyone’s all over the place! lol

        1. Bertie was… a lovely person, I think. So is Elizabeth. It’s a shame that none of her children turned out that well, or her grandkids either, come to think about it.

          I kind of wish I’d kept my LJ account just for community access, but I’ve been an all or nothing person my entire life!

  3. I wouldn’t take it too personally. I think a lot of people are heading to Facebook and Pinterest and Twitter. It’s actually a good way to not only check out what’s going on with friends but with others.

    My annoyance with blogs is that a lot of them are gone within a couple of years or weeks. I’ve gotten irritated reading blogs only to have them gone. I’ve also noticed a trend to make blogs more like magazines where they try to serve the mass mainstream population.

    1. Yeah, I know… I noticed this trend starting about two years ago, when I was still on LiveJournal and it got to the point where hardly anyone was posting anymore. I quit that, devoted more time to my public blog, but the same thing has happened. Oh, well. I think most people are on social networks that don’t require much actual interaction (as in, conversation), which is sad, but… in a way, relieving too.

        1. OH YES! =) The questionnaires are by Femnista writers, after all. 😉

          I’ll try and put up another one tonight — I’m a bit crazy this week, what with last-minute work catch-up, trying to answer everyone’s e-mails about this issue, planning a TITANIC dinner party on Friday, and being gone several days this week. =)

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