Get to Know… Camille

This is one of our first-time writers. You can read her submission in our very next issue!

Name: Camille Gaffney

Personality Type: INFJ.  I tend to be introverted, but feel deeply & easily sympathize with others.  However, my desire to help others doesn’t usually overcloud my judgment of ulterior motives.  If you are trying to pull a fast one, I usually can spot it.

Public figures who are INFJs: Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Robert Burns (Scottish poet), & Michael Landon

What do you love most about yourself?

I love walking into a cluttered, disorganized space and “fixing” it.  Scrubbing surfaces, repairing broken items, organizing t-shirts by color – bring it on!  (When I was ten I tried alphabetizing and electronically catalogingmy family’s 100+ film collection.  It is such a bummer to find out the rest of your family does not want to practice your system for loaning films out to friends!)

Transforming areas through organization into sanctuaries where people can relax brings me joy.  I love sharing this with others – not because I think others are slobs, but simply to help make their life less stressful! J

What would you most like to change about yourself?

Why is it that those you love the most –family – you are sometimes the most hurtful to?  I tolerate negativity, rudeness, and bad attitudes from neighbors and coworkers with calmness and patience.  However, if I even imagine a sarcastic comment from a family member, I tend to lose my cool and fly off the handle.

The Lord has been working on my heart in this area for the past year and a half.  If I cannot control my emotions in the most private of settings, does the rest of my public self-control even matter?

Favorite Fictional Character & why:

Molly Gibson from Wives and Daughters is one of the most selfless of all heroines in literature.  Molly pines for Roger Hamley, but loves her step-sister Cynthia so dearly she does not interfere when Cynthia and Roger are engaged.  She risks her reputation to protect Cynthia from her own foolish decisions, and then says nothing to protect herself when she is slandered by the gossips of the town.  She spends countless hours nurturing Squire and Mrs. Hamley (I ended up going to college for nursing, and I think in high school I looked to Molly as a “nurse” figure).  She shares Osborn’s burden of an unblessed marriage with a French woman, but urges for reconciliation between him and his father.Her most endearing quality is her trustworthiness.  She is entrusted with painful secrets she does not divulge, even at a very personal cost.  (ElinorDashwood is also a favorite of mine for the same reason).  And, in the end, she gets the guy without having to compromise her principles.Whooo-hoo!

Name one possession that you absolutely love:

Contacts.  First off, I’d be blind without them and unable to function.  Second, in tenth grade I was finally able to break throughmy awkward “nerdy middle school girl” label when I got contacts.  It seems so trivial, but when you feel that glasses define you, you are so grateful to have others look at you, and not through your frames.

If you could meet one person, living or dead, who would it be and why?

Corrie ten Boom: I would so love to sit in her shop and listen by the fireside to stories of her life in Holland, and the sacrifices made in World War II to protect God’s chosen people.  Her journey of forgiveness towards those who did unspeakable acts in the concentration camps is astounding.  She is relatable because forgiveness did not come naturally, as it appeared to for Bessie.  She struggled with bitterness and resentment, but prevailed through God’s goodness and example of forgiveness towards us.


Tell us three of your “guilty pleasures”:

  1. Wasting FAR too much valuable time on Pinterest
  2. Reading and watching “The Hunger Games” Trilogy – I come up with reasons I like this series, but none of them seem to merit the amount of attention I give them
  3. Coffee with more flavored creamer (Almond Joy is the best!) and sugar than is good for you

Name one thing (book, song, movie, item) you wish you had thought up first:

The mp3 player/iPod: what a brilliant idea to put all your favorite music in ONE place that you can transport with you everywhere and create custom playlists with.  Amazing!

~Oh, and spellcheck (should there be a space between spell and check?)

Share several of your favorite quotes with us:

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” – Dr. Seuss

As someone who tends to get all dramatic about changes, I love this reminder to be grateful for the experiences God has allowed me to have, and be content and happy where I am now!

“It’s not what the world holds for you.  It’s what you bring to it.” – Lucy Maud Montgomery via Anne Shirley


“I’d imagine the whole world was one big machine. Machines never come with any extra parts, you know. They always come with the exact amount they need. So I figured,if the entire world was one big machine, I couldn’t be an extra part. I had to be here for some reason. And that means you have to be here for some reason, too.” – Hugo Cabret from Hugo


“Blah-di-blah-di-blah . . .”the Sheriff of Nottingham from Robin Hood BBC

My brother and I are always playfully throwing this and other one-liners from Robin Hood BBC at each other.

What memory is the most special to you and why?

Days at the Lake Michigan beach with my Mom and brother.  Whenever we go, we walk in the wet sand, have a picnic lunch, and listen to the waves.  We always seem to go right before one of us is going to be separated from the others.  When we were little it would be right before my brother and I had to go spend extended time with our Dad for the summer.  Lately it has been when my brother is about to leave for college.  It makes for bittersweet but unforgettable moments – trying to enjoy the now, while anticipating the later.

Who is your favorite actor / actress? What was the first film you saw them in?

That is a hard question!

One of my favorite actors is Gregory Peck, who seemed to take roles with strong moral character and backbone.  I love films with strong father figures, and Atticus Finch of To Kill a Mockingbird is one of these.  Strength exhibits itself not just exist in brute force, but through self-control.  Atticus’ simple act of removing his handkerchief to wipe the drunk’s spittle from his face is one of the most courageous in film history.His role in The Big Country is another character that practices strength through restraint.I believe the first film I saw him in was The Yearling, which actually is not a favorite film of mine (I don’t understand plots where common sense is overruled by a love for animals that allows them to destroy farmer’s livelihoods).  However, Peck’s compassionate relationship with his tender-hearted son is special to watch.

“I would never get tired of talking about…”?

BBC Miniseries dramas: Jewels in the sand, waiting to be pulled from obscurity to be shown to all my friends who wonder where they’ve been hiding all this time.

If you could own any animal as a pet, what would it be?

I really can’t answer this one without making up an untruthful answer.  I like pets in other friend’s homes, but detest them in my own.  I suppose a small dog that never barked, never shed, and never had an accident on my already-doesn’t-get-vacuumed-enough carpet.

One miniseries or television show everyone needs to try out at least once:

Robin Hood BBC with Jonas Armstrong:

Some find it campy, but I find it hilarious and engaging at the same time.The heroes of Robin’s forest gang are endearing, the villains are hysterical, and the one-liners are completely repeatable.  Word of warning though, some might want to just skip the third season and read fan-fiction instead to complete the series.  The last episode of season two was one of the most devastating events of 2008 for me.

18 thoughts on “Get to Know… Camille

Add yours

  1. Camille, I applaud your first article! I’ve seen “The Blind Side” only once but you’ve made me interested to want to watch it again. If that’s your first article than you have great promise and will go very far!

    I love Gregory Peck too! “The Big Country” is one of my favorites with him although I love “Mockingbird” too. He’s such a good actor. There’s also one called “Gentleman’s Agreement” where he goes out to prove about a point about how Jews are looked at differently by claiming that he is a Jew. He’s a reporter and his findings of how he is treated differently when think he’s Jewish are very interesting and very tragic. It’s a terrific film.

    I love my contacts too. Awesome aren’t they!?

    It’s great to meet you and keep writing!


    1. I know, Gregory Peck is AMAZING. I watched “Gentleman’s Agreement” a while back and enjoyed it. It is so nice to meet (via the net) people who appreciate old movies and actors as well as the new films.

      Thanks for your hearty welcome to Femnista, and your compliments on the article! I’ve loved the experience and getting to be a part of this fun group of gals!

      William Wilberforce is a hero of mine, and I applaud your article about him! His work to abolish the slave trade is a daunting topic to cover, and you did it well.

      The thing I find amazing about Wilberforce is his faithfulness. He worked for years and years without success, and still continued. This puts me to shame – how many causes have I paraded for, and then later when I get tired of no change (the abortion issue, for example), forget to faithfully pray, pester my congressmen, and volunteer for fundraisers to stop it.

  2. Camille its great. You did an Awsome Job!! Keep and up and you will become a Fine Writer. You have the Talent.
    Your Little “Brother”

  3. Hello Camille!

    So nice to ‘meet’ you and read your answers! I had to laugh when I read your answer to ‘What do you love most about yourself?’ because this is something I like to do very much as well. De-cluttering and then looking at the results is one of the most relaxing things in the world!

    1. Nice to meet you! Whenever I’m stressed, I go do dishes. It’s so nice to know that no matter what is going on, I can go put my hands in sudsy water make a sink filled with filthy dishes beautiful. Happy cleaning!

    1. If you like Atticus Finch, have you ever seen “The Big Country”? I think you’ll love it. It is also a film with tons of repeatable lines and an amazing score.

      Thanks for saying hello!

  4. Nice to “meet” you Camille! And welcome to Femnista =)

    Great answers, I enjoyed reading them. Wives and Daughters is such a wonderful book and I totally agree about Molly Gibson, she’s such a lovely character. Loved the adaptation too.

    BBC is just love. Granted I haven’t watched “Robin Hood” or “Merlin” but I love the other stuff that I’ve watched from them (period dramas, Doctor Who, Spooks, etc.) Even my parents are starting to enjoy watching UK shows more xD

    1. Hi! Thanks for the warm welcome!

      You know – I love the adaptation of “Wives and Daughters,” but (I feel slightly embarrassed to admit this) I’ve never read the book. I really should!

      I haven’t gotten into Dr. Who yet, but it’s on my list – I think I’ll like it.

      I’ve totally got my Mom hooked on BBC as well – she now watches movies and gets all happy with me when we recognize a British actor in a mainstream film 🙂

    1. Hi Carol~
      I know, they really do! And almost NO one else understands when I get all giddy about a new production, because they are so overlooked in our pop-culture saturated society. Happy to meet someone who gets as excited as I do 🙂

    1. Hi Rissi~
      I actually found “Charity’s Place” through your film reviews on Amazon about 7-8 years ago! I’ve loved following you both but have been hesitant to join in. Thanks for the warm welcome!

      I know . . . sniff, sniff on Robin.

    1. Hooray for us! Glad to meet you – I LOVE dickens to (from your blog). I read that INFJ’s are champions for the oppressed. Maybe that’s why we are fans of his.

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